İZBAN Workers: "There is No Different Scenario, There is a Bread Policy"

izban workers have no different scenario of bread politics
izban workers have no different scenario of bread politics

TCDD, which has hiring and signing authority in İZBAN, remains silent since the first day of the strike.

İZBAN workers, who are at the target of the accusations, emphasized that they have no purpose other than getting the money for their labor and having the same rights as the other rail transport system workers.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and the joint organization of TCDD, which is one of the feet of the public transportation system for the city workers who work in İZBAN collective bargaining demands are not accepted. The strike of the 343 railroad-business member İZBAN, who is moving with the determination of the first day, is about to fill the first month of the strike.

According to the news of Metehan UD from Evrensel, “While both institutions that are partners of İZBAN do not take into account the demands of the workers, especially the metropolitan pillar conducts a policy that tries to bring the workers against the public. Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu and some of the CHP deputies from Izmir accuse İZBAN workers for continuing the strike, both with the press statements and social media posts. While Büyükşehir Mayor Kocaoğlu claimed that there was a different scenario behind the strike, the CHP deputy and former DISKK Kani Beko, who made a statement, described the strike as political. The Ministry of Transport and TCDD management, on the other hand, has 10 members of the 5-member board of directors with recruitment and signing authorization, although they remain TCDD officers.


One of the accusations directed against the workers is 'To put the CHP's Izmir Metropolitan Municipality into trouble before the local elections and to work for the AKP by not accepting the proposed 26 percent hike'. However, this hike rate is not valid for all workers. While only 343 percent of 47 İZBAN workers (accounting and box office workers) are given a 26 percent increase, this rate is between 19 and 21 percent for other workers. The offer is at the rate of inflation for most workers. That corresponds to the figure reduced by the government's intervention in the past two months. The workers show that the question "Why does it strike only in İzmir" shows that the wages they receive are lower than the rail transport workers in other provinces where they do the same job.


Worker vehicle maintenance technician Hasan Bacak says, "Since the strike does not strike in the other provinces in the hands of the CHP for the CHP". Stating that the strike stems from the wages policy of those who run İZBAN, “One of the partners either transfer the partnership or take it all. Let us at least know who to account for. We do not know what the scenario is, but if there is anything they know, let them explain, we should know, the scenario is the job of politicians. We are workers, we are looking for our right. There are people among us who are members of different political parties and you cannot gather a place where there is such a difference behind a single political scenario. We think how many breads we will take to our house, whether we can solve our financial problems ”.


Machinist Mujahid Yavuz underlined that they did not act under the direction of anyone and said: “If the salary of the workers was sufficient, we would not have been able to do such a thing anyway, 343 workers would not have been a whole in the strike process. Since this place belongs to both Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and TCDD, the workers are being halved. Therefore, the workers who were taken by the CHP municipality would not enter such a job for this reason. Our case here is the bread case, the case of getting what we deserve, and our politics is the bread policy. Our contract dates are certain, there is definitely a choice every two years. We did not consider this an opportunity when going on strike, ”he said.

'We are telling the story of IZMIR FALSE'

Emphasizing that the union is not the workers but the workers are guiding the union, Yavuz said, iş We are the decision mechanism. TCDD tomorrow, 'We will meet the demands and demands of the workers' class, then will accept the Metropolitan? Those who take up the job and throw them into the political party misrepresent us to the people of Izmir. I am sure that the people of Izmir will understand the truth. We have no intention of finishing this strike without getting results. You will see who deserves to win. We will continue to explain ourselves. Biz


Reminding that two different opposing poles rule İZBAN, Koray Yıldırım, one of the workers, said: “One is because of the TCDD government and the other side is the local municipality with CHP. If there is a political scenario, this is something other than the worker. Workers are on strike here to get their labor. Political scenarios do not connect us. We are fighting for our labor. Our door is open to all the politicians, and let them tell them. This is an eight-year business, there has been no development in favor of the worker in this process, they have postponed our demands for each contract period. Let those who find the politicians right on social media come from us, listen to our working environment, the risk of our work, let their payrolls be open, the hikes are obvious. We do a heavy job here, we have a life. Those who say let's do this work for the minimum wage come and start working here, they will do the next strike themselves. ”(Universal)

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