Why Marmaray Ayrılık Fountain Station Was Closed

it was clear why marmara was closed
it was clear why marmara was closed

The Ayrılık Çeşmesi Station has been closed since January 21 due to integration, signaling and testing activities in Marmaray. 75 km of Marmaray integration works were expected to end in December 2018. However, the train accident in Ankara delayed Marmaray. Because just like on the train road where the accident happened, there was no signaling!

Marmaray's Ayrılık Fountain Station, Söğütlüçeşme-Gebze and Halkalı21 has been closed since January, as part of the integration works carried out within the scope of the project for the improvement of Kazlıçeşme suburban lines. The line, which will be closed for another month and a half, is planned to open before local elections. Directorate of Transport and Infrastructure of the Ministry of Transport Directorate General of Infrastructure Investments, before closing the line said, 31 December 2018 announced the start of flights. However, the line was not opened at the scheduled date.


The reason for this delay in Ankara 13 December 2018 history of the High Speed ​​Train (YHT) accident is shown. In the accident, the trains were intercepted by the road control trainer YHT and the 3 9 was killed. The lack of a signaling system following the train crash was a matter of debate.

Newspaper WallAccording to the news of Hacı Bişkin from; BTS Chairman Hasan Bektaş said that the reason why Marmaray flights were not opened on 31 December was related to this accident, that there was no signaling in integration studies and the ministry could not afford to open the line without signaling.

Bektaş stated that if the line was attempted to be opened without signaling, they would prevent this: kalkış The Marmaray project is a project of 75 km. In the 2012 of this project, only Kazlıçeşme-Ayrılıkçeşme was opened. Construction of other lines continues. They were going to open this place in the first week of December. Road construction was over. But the signaling was not over. They were planning to start the line without signal. We told him that the road was over but there was no signaling system, so we shouldn't open this place. There are huge drawbacks of running a train without signal. We recently lived in Ankara. After the train crash in Ankara, they could not afford to open that road without a signal. This incident made them step back. Projects on railways are always sacrificed to politics. The 31 has begun work on the local elections in March. If they lead the way without an unmarked signal, they will prepare for a murder. We also react very strongly about this. We're going to do everything we can to keep this line out of the way. But if they're going to grow in a signal, there's nothing to say. Ancak


'They are against the demonstration of railways,' said Bektas. Söyleyen It is important to open the road together with signal and safety systems. We are closely following this issue. If the road is opened without a signal, we will take the train ahead if necessary and we will not open that path. O

Passengers use İETT's bus services from Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality for their travels between Ayrılık Çeşmesi and Üsküdar.


The closure of a part of Marmaray also caused the Istanbulites to use the line. Bekir Kir, who uses the road every morning to go to work, explains what he experienced after the line was closed: kapatıl We changed our course and lost our time because of the deflection of the metro. Couldn't the technology be so advanced that the metros could not be closed or run out of working hours? People are using public transport, crushing each other out of date. It is very sad that this happens in one of the most important districts of Istanbul. İstanbul


Transport and Infrastructure Directorate General of Infrastructure Investments, previously announced the 31 March 2018 as the end date of the line showed. 1 gave a statement to our questions about ere Gebze-Halkalı Improvement of Commuter Lines (Marmaray Project) Construction works within the scope of CR3 Contract are at 70 levels and it is aimed to complete the final project end date of 31 2018 XNUMX until the end of the project and construction activities are carried out rapidly to complete the project on this date. B


13 2018 06.30 on the clock 3 Ankara Train Station in the direction of Konya, the high speed train moving from Yenimahalle district of Marşandiz station in the collision with the locomotive guide to the road control accident occurred. 9 XNUMX people died in the accident and the signaling system was revealed to be a person. Transportation Minister Mehmet Cahit Turhan, the incident, 'signalization system is not a must for the railway system' explanation, led to controversy. (Source: Gazeteduv is)



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