The reason for the train accident in Istanbul Signalization?

Is the reason for the train accident in Istanbul again signalization
Is the reason for the train accident in Istanbul again signalization

Yavuzyılmaz CHP's share of the train crash in Florya with BirGün, announced that the accident is due to the lack of signaling system

One day in Dilara ŞİMŞEK news is as follows; I In Ankara 9 people died of accidents at the scene based on the observations of the accident that took the lessons of the CHP Yavuzyılmaz, returned from the threshold of the disaster was passed.

Yavuzyılmaz, a member of the Parliamentary State Economic Enterprises Commission, reacted to the provision of railway transportation by radio system.

HalkalıYavuzyılmaz, who shared his investigations on the suburban train line with Gokze, said: yapan Since the signaling works are left missing even though the most important task is to be done, the bending machine enters the wrong rail line and performs electrical work on the first track line. he was hit, çarp he said.

A few weeks before the collision of the machine mechanics began to warn the collision of the mechanic Yavuzyılmaz expressing the collision, the catenary operators in the vehicle with this warning that the exit and running high-pitched 3 workers were injured by the platform, he said.


13 High Speed ​​Train accident that took place in Ankara-December in the course of the course learned that Yavuzyılmaz, in order to prevent these sad events in the construction of railway lines, even in the construction of the urgent priority work signalization system, he said.

Adı Thanks to the signaling system, it is not possible to confront two trains or rail vehicles on the same rail line with automatic locking, ın said Deniz Yavuzyılmaz.

”We still do not take lessons from the accident that occurred in the region of Marşandiz railway station, there is a multi-rail system without signaling system, and even on this line where we lost our citizens, 9 continues to be carried out with the radio communication and rail interventions carried out by the scythians.“

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