Istanbul Tram Lines Renewal Tender Cancel

istanbul tram lines renewal tender cancellation
istanbul tram lines renewal tender cancellation

The tender for the renovation works to be carried out due to the deterioration in the Bağcılar-Kabataş and Habipler-Topkapı tram lines in Istanbul was canceled. It was announced that the tender was canceled because all the bids offered were well above the allocated allowance.

According to Özlem Güvemli's report from SÖZCÜ; Metro Istanbul Inc., Bağcılar-Kabataş and Habipler-Topkapı tram lines to perform renovation work on the date of 21 2018 announced that the auction. According to the specification; The existing rails were to be dismantled and renewed for the deteriorations in the upper structure of both tram lines.

The aim of the study was to reduce the comfort, safety, operational efficiency, extension of line life and lower operating costs of the lines. In this context, it was planned to replace the rail, shears and cables of a thousand 505 meters per year. However, it was announced that the tender was canceled on 30 November 2018. It was recorded that all the tenders submitted to the tender were canceled due to the appropriation allocated and the cost that was much higher than the cost. Both tram lines were recently brought to the agenda with accident and breakdown news.

The first stage of Kabataş-Bağcılar Tram line was built between Sirkeci and Aksaray in 1992. The line connected to Topkapi and Zeytinburnu was extended to Eminonu Station and connected to Kabatas in 2006 via Galata Bridge. All stations of Zeytinburnu - Bağcılar Line were combined with this line in 2011 and direct rail transportation from Bağcılar to Kabataş was provided. The length of the line is 19.3 kilometers.

Habipler Topkapı Tram Line was opened between XIUM 17 and Şehitlik and Mescid-i Selam stations in order to transfer the passenger traffic of Sultançiftliği and Gaziosmanpaşa regions to the important transfer points. 2007. also reached to Topkapı by passing through Edirnekapı and Vatan region. The total length of the line reached 2 with the Şehitlik-Topkapı stage commissioned in 2009. (SPOKESMAN)

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