Great Reaction to the High Increase in Osmangazi Bridge!

high response at osmangazi
high response at osmangazi

The 43 percent hike brought to the tolls on the Osmangazi Bridge, which connects the two sides of the Gulf, has received reactions from citizens, tourism companies and driver tradesmen. The exorbitant hike came at the end of the 15-day discount campaign of İDO.

The 43 percent increase in the Osmangazi Bridge toll fee, made by the operator, raised every segment from citizens to tourism companies, from consumers to driver tradesmen. It was noteworthy that the exorbitant increase was made after the end of the 15-day discount campaign of IDO. The automobile toll fee for the İDO Topçular-Eskihisar ferry is 55 lira, and the automobile toll for the Osmangazi Bridge is 103 TL.

Onur Ağaoğlu, the Honorary President of the Consumer Application Center, asked, ”Could it be such a raise? The first negative news on the first day of 2019 came from here. Electricity, natural gas and water prices will be downloaded and made. The duration of VAT and SCT was extended. Hike, morale has broken a lot, Zam he said.

After the time of bus drivers can not use the Osman Gazi Bridge Tourism Transport Association President Mustafa Yildirim, "A bus from Istanbul to Izmir will pay the money to the environment 400 lira. This load is not portable. The rides will be reflected in our work at our table. Vegetables carrying trucks pay the money from everyone's table. This will increase costs in transportation. How will the students go to Adapazari to Izmit? At least rises should be made proportional to inflation, Zam he said.


Stating that the hike should be reviewed, Mevlüt Olgun, the President of the Highway Passenger Transportation Platform said, u Even the previous price was heavy, this hike made us miserable. Passing through the other bridges ten pounds was almost ten pounds. Arak Why increase the inflation in a period when the public contributes to the economy they use by increasing a lira? In. Turkey Bus Federation Chairman Ozcan Birol said in:


“We have to react strongly. A bus going to İzmir, Balıkesir on the Bodrum side costs almost 600 liras together with the highways. We want these price hikes to be reduced and the interests of companies contributing to the country's economy to be eliminated. They increase inflation by 25 percent and 43 percent. Bus transportation is completely over. How can a bus cost so much and take passengers to Izmir for 60 liras?”
Base and ceiling prices should be determined

The increase in inflation is also a reactionary citizen. Stating that he always likes to travel with his private car, Doğan Yılmaz said, X These last Osman Gazi and 43 hikes in connection roads make individual consumers suffer enormously. What is the right to raise when the inflation rate is 23? The state should determine the base and ceiling fees in this regard. Devlet

The automobile toll, which was 2018 TL in 71,75, increased to 103,05 TL as of the new year. At the same time, Gebze – Orhangazi İzmir Highway tolls, which are the continuation of the bridge, have also increased, increasing from 5,5 TL to 11,5 TL between Altınova-Orhangazi and 7,40 TL between Gemlik and Bursa to 15,65 TL.

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