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KOBİS (Kocaeli Bicycle Transportation System) Project, which was realized by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Public Transport Department, attracted great attention. The project started in the center of Izmit and later spread to 12 district. KOBIS 86 bin 760 reached the new stations.

KOBIS has been adopted by the Israilic since its inception. In addition to facilitating urban access across the province, KOBIS has become an alternative to the public transportation system by citizens. The bicycle, which is an environmental and sustainable transportation means, provides transportation for citizens as well as transportation.

36 new station was established in 12 district for the KOBIS service station with 34 station. 9 to Izmit, 2 to Başiskele, 2 to Kandıra, 4 to Gölcük, 2 to Golam, 3 to Derince, 4 to Derince, 2 to Derince, 1 to Kartepe, 6, Dilovası 2 and 34 units in Çayırova were built. The number of KOBIS stations reached 70 with new stations.

12 The number of members in KOBIS, which has been used by the citizens since the first day of its use, has reached 86 Bin 760. 86 Bin 760 has 31 Bin 180 subscription card. 53 Bin 404 member has benefited from KOBİS card, while 2 Bin 101 member has joined KOBİS by credit card.

KOBIS, 498 Smart Bike, 70 Station, 864 Bike Parking area. The 70 Station is located in Izmit, in commercial centers, in residential areas and in the transportation hubs, creating a network on bicycle paths. 3 offers different services such as system, member card, Kentkart and credit card. Bicycle lovers who want to use the smart bike system with Kentkart; rental 'kiosk' by clicking on the 'bike' button to complete the steps on the kiosk, then the system can rent a bicycle using the 4 digit password. The bicycle lovers who apply to the Travel Cards office in the Public Transportation Department within the exhibition can rent bikes from the parking unit at each station with the member cards they have received after signing the membership agreement.

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