Cable Car to Giresun Castle


The Mayor of Giresun, Kerim Aksu, met with the members of the press at the meeting held at the Municipal Assembly Hall. Aksu, çık Hacı Hüseyin location will go up to Giresun Castle with a cable car. We will do this project using credit. I will explain all details of this project next month. Ön

Chairman Aksu; ”We've made all the promises we've made since we took office. Only the market area could not do, legal problems came before us. We're going to do it again, we're going to cover the market and make arrangements. In the 80 provinces and districts in Turkey it makes the ministries of Culture Centers, made only in Giresun. We gave the land. Our municipality has tendered the Cultural Center project with its own facilities, we will lay the groundwork soon. A whole project with 1172 square space, 400 seat capacity, conservatory, classrooms and multi-purpose halls will be delivered to Giresun.

One of the projects that I want to do is the ropeway project. We have completed the work in this. We will go to Giresun Fortress from Hacı Hüseyin Mevkii by cable car. Our municipality will do business and the project will pay for itself. I'll explain to you all the details of this project next month. When we took office, our service buildings were really inadequate; There were no number of vehicles to meet the needs of the municipality, we increased this to the full 4. A new need was born. We are going to start the construction of the building in the organized industrial building. Giresun Municipality will continue to work as a building that works with hours. Cultural Center, Machinery Supply The financing of our buildings will be provided without credit. Kültür


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