GEFCO Gets PSA Group's Carriers to Support New Kenitra Facility in Morocco

gefco psa started moving cars to support the new kenitra plant in the group
gefco psa started moving cars to support the new kenitra plant in the group

With unparalleled expertise in automotive logistics and multimodal supply chain solutions, GEFCO has carried out the first 2018 wagon transport in December 2 to support the PSA Group's new plant in Kenitra, Morocco. By the end of the 2019 wagon, the 45 will be transported from the Port of Saint Nazaire in France to the Port of Tangier in Morocco. The total 47 wagon will transport new vehicles to Kenitra, which will open the new facility of the PSA Group. The production capacity of the Kenitra plant is expected to reach 2020 as of 200.

A challenging challenge for industrial requirements and capabilities, this project symbolizes the strong partnership between the PSA Group and GEFCO.

Supports PSA Group growth in Kenitra

This link between Kenitra and Tangier will help the PSA Group achieve its ambitious goals for the new plant. The production in Kenitra is expected to be annually 2019 in 100 and 2020 in 200.

In order to achieve success in every step of this complex operation, GEFCO's teams from all over the world have made a cooperation to direct the wagons from Saint Nazaire Port in France, to renew them, to arrange them according to their needs, to ship and to reach Tangier Port. The wagons, which will be transported from the PSA Group's Kenitra facility to the Port of Tangier before being exported to Europe, will be operated by the Moroccan National Railways Office.

Anne Lambusson, GEFCO's Executive Vice President of PSA Group said: açık We are very pleased that PSA trusts GEFCO in this exciting project. We believe that we have the right expertise and the capacity to transform this into success. GEFCO's unprecedented supply chain expertise allows us to overcome this extraordinary challenge. We look forward to contributing to our customer's growth strategy. M

Significant contribution of GEFCO to its strong position in Africa

With this project, GEFCO supports the PSA Group's ambitious development strategy in Morocco and Africa. Planned to make Kenitra one of the pioneering industrial centers, the PSA Group has already started to develop a network for this region.

GEFCO, which will further strengthen its position in Morocco with this project, announced that in January 2018, Europe-Morocco transport specialist, GLT, which is the leading operator of the gateway between the ports of Algeria and Tangier, is taking over. GEFCO, a leader in the supply chain industry in Morocco, aims to double the workforce in the region to support its future growth.

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