Metro Tour Started in Virtual Environment with Gebze K @ BİN

gebze kbinle metro tour started in virtual environment
gebze kbinle metro tour started in virtual environment

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Gebze-Darica Metro Project Kocaeli Information Center (K ​​@ BİN) was established in order to inform the citizens about Gebze-Darica Metro Project. Traveling between Istanbul and Kocaeli, 1 will be introduced to the press members with the participation of the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality of K @ BIN, including Gebze-Darica Metro, which will carry more than a million people, and other services of the Metropolitan Municipality. K @ BİN, where high-tech people can take the city tour on the Metro with simulation, will give you the privilege of traveling under the ground with simulations, 3D games and visual transmissions.

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality established the first of Kocaeli Information Point (K @ BİN), which was founded by Seka Park, at Gebze Town Square. Founded by the state-of-the-art system and informing the citizens about the Gebze-Darica Metro line process, K @ BIN will be presenting the press. The Mayor of Gebze, Adnan Köşker, the provincial and district protocol, and press members attended.

It is the work of a person, it is not taken into consideration. Metropolitan Municipality Mayor İbrahim Karaosmanoğlu, who started his words by saying the visible rank-i mind of the person in his work, said, “Our ritual is the work we do, do and project. Kocaeli Rail Systems, Kocaeli Metro, Gebze OSB - Darıca Coast Metro line are one of them. Here, we are putting into service an important center where we will promote this important project, ”he said.

Noting that he will introduce the metron which is the biggest project of Kocaeli in Gebze in the Gebze Cabin, President Karaosmanoğlu said: tanıtım We will inform our citizens and guests who have come to our city. In this place that we prepared for you by using the most modern systems of our day, we will have a lot of educational and entertaining activities for our children with animations, simulations and various programs related to our city and our city. In addition, we will contribute to the promotion of our city with our Practices that includes Environment, Tourism, Education and Transportation topics in Kocaeli. Thus, we will inform both our metrology and our city, which will make us proud of its touristic value. Böylece After the speech, President Karaosmanoğlu visited Gebze K @ BİN and the participants received information about the studies.

Gebze Çoban Mustafa Paşa Complex, located next to the Kent Square, K @ BIN, offers the citizens a virtual tour of the subway tour. Citizens can use VR glasses in conjunction with a special technology system and can take the 360 metro ride in a virtual environment. During the virtual journey, the citizens are given the feeling of traveling through the metro with sound effects.

Gebze K @ BIN offers citizens the opportunity to travel in the virtual environment in a virtual environment, as well as the metro tour. Citizens who want to visit the history can be created in a virtual environment. The history shows the last point that Gebze came to citizens in virtual environment.

Children in Gebze K @ BİN are not forgotten. It was packed in Metro K @ BİN for children. Children are studying in K @ BIN. The children who take the tour in the virtual environment learns the rules of the Metro together with the games.

K @ BIN includes photographic squares from different parts of Kocaeli, traffic simulations, children's games, and interactive applications with virtual tours. K @ BIN, founded by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, gives information about Gebze-Darica metro line work to the citizens. Citizens can learn the progress of the project from K @ BIN, Metro line stops, travel distance, start and end points.


Installation work reflecting the Metro transition effect with video mapping technology
Again with the video mapping technology, opening and closing of the gates on the metro model, people appearing and moving inside, giving the feeling of the metron moving, etc. presentation of scenarios
Touch-projection system technology on the wall surface with the subway in the informative wall of some of the titles to be turned into buttons,
Information or video playback when tapping the button
Information about subway routes and stops with touch digital displays
Information screens where visitors can receive detailed information about the metro and other titles (Tourism in Kocaeli, Tourism in Kocaeli, Education in Kocaeli, Transportation in Kocaeli, etc.)
Information wall about the important information selected about Kocaeli in the LED screens


Finding hidden objects hidden on the map of Kocaeli (Finding yogurt, turkey, kandıra diapers in Kandıra)
Educational game work about the use of the metro and the rules. (How to wait at the subway stop, what to do when the doors are opened, how to use the subway stops ...)
Metro stations, subway vehicles and similar objects can be selected by children by digitally painting, sent to e-mail addresses and shared in social media accounts.
In the application of virtual reality; While traveling on the subway, there will be a demonstration of animation and video visuals including information such as sections on the history of Gebze, important transportation investments such as Osman Gazi Bridge and the benefits that the metron will bring to the region.

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