Erdoğan's Transportation Strategy: Don't Split Cities with Light Rail Systems

erdoganin strategy of transportation with light rail systems
erdoganin strategy of transportation with light rail systems

In fact, kent As the backbone of public transportation for cities from east to west like Bursa, the rail system is the most important solution.
Rail systems also have their own categories. Like the light rail system in the case of Bursaray;
These are Bunlar
It is determined by the feasibility calculations made according to the passenger densities, or it is recommended to local governments that are invested.
We remember s
At the beginning of the 90s, today's Bursaray, which is sometimes referred to as underground, sometimes from the ground, was planned as the gathering road line south of the Merinos-Acemler highway in the period of the late Teoman Özalp.
When Erdem Saker was selected in 1994, he took the middle of the street because it would cut all the streets and avenues that crossed the main road from the neighborhoods between Kültürpark and Acemler.
The municipal budget of that day was not enough to build a subway underground. Application drove on the roads of Mudanya and Izmir. The same happened in Ankara Road.
So what…
The image brought by economic conditions divided Bursa from east to west, cut the north-sun connection of the city, made turns difficult.
The similar problem is now also on the T2 line, which is currently under construction in Istanbul Street. There is also a connection between the east of the road and the west;
President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan came to evaluation about the view of the light rail system projects that we saw by experimenting in Bursa, but we know that it was made of helplessness.
Last week, President Erdoğan presented a new strategy to the municipalities in the meeting of the provincial chairmen and mayors of the AK Party.
Üyor Light rail divides cities because they go above ground. Do not build a light rail system that divides cities. Leri
His proposal was:
Anız If you are going to do all the underground subway, or solve the problem of transportation with a lower cost metrobus. Kaynak (Source: Ahmet Emin Yılmaz - Olay)

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