Amendment to the Electricity Regulation Project Regulation

changes in project management
changes in project management

Regulation on the Amendment of the Project Regulation of Electrical Installations.

ARTICLE 1 - The subparagraphs (a), (b), (c) and (d) of the second paragraph of Article 30 of the Electricity Facilities Project Regulation published in the Official Gazette dated 12 / 2014 / 29221 and repeated in the Official Gazette No. 2 have been changed as follows and has been added.

Ları a) Energy supply to the railway electrification, traction air line, railway signaling facilities used in the operation facilities of the General Directorate of State Railways, railway signalization, and contact groups to be established for the supply of special communication facilities for railway stations and railways,

b) The railway electrification used in the facilities operated by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure and transferred to the relevant municipalities, the energy supply to railway signaling facilities, the railway signalization and the contact groups to be established for the supply of railway and special communication facilities of the railways,

c) the General Directorate of Police, the National Intelligence Organization Department, the Gendarmerie General Command, the Coast Guard, Turkey Radio and Television Corporation, such as privacy or special circumstances with permission from the Ministry due to project approval, plant acceptance and protocol approval public communications made by their own institutions / organizations belonging to electricity plants "

B d) All kinds of administrative buildings, lodgings, silos, workshops, social facilities, warehouses, warehouses, huts, shelters, except electrification system and control / control building, which have no direct effect on electricity generation, transmission, distribution or consumption in the area where electrical facilities are located , prefabricated, prefabricated building, waste integrated plant and site, solid waste collection and storage area, waste sorting / treatment / gasification plant and related gas collection tanks-balloons with pipelines-pressure regulation facilities, pyrolysis facilities, landfill, coal storage area, ash dam, coal transfer ports, natural gas transmission and distribution pipelines and RMS stations, water wells, cooling and domestic water receiving and discharging structures, geothermal injection and reinjection well, water reservoir, pond, set, and similar structures transportation routes with ile

. I) electromechanical equipment related to electricity generation of MESs, components other than power transmission / power transmission lines, switchyard / substation, distribution center, feeder and similar electrical facilities. “

ARTICLE 2 - The first paragraph of Article 3 of the same Regulation is amended as follows.

“(1) This Regulation; 10 / 7 / 2018 dated and published in the Official Gazette 30474 No. 1 about the Presidency of the Presidency of the Presidency of 508 was prepared based on the article.

ARTICLE 3 - Subparagraphs (d) and (pp) of the first clause of the same Regulation have been amended as follows; (ee) was added to the following and the other items were added accordingly.

; D) Biomass power plant (PPS): Not to be imported; ”In addition to urban wastes, vegetable oil wastes, including agricultural wastes, agricultural and forest products, and the energy generated by the processing of these products and waste tires and by-products, electric power generation plant and auxiliary facilities, kentsel

Üz pp) Technical interaction analysis (TEA): In the region where the wind power plant; It is the permission made by the Ministry of the General Staff, the Ministry of Interior and the public institutions and / or organizations determined by the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Interior and the MIT Presidency, and is the basis for the technical interaction permit. analysis, "

”Dd) License: The permit issued by EMRA for the legal entity that wants to operate in the market,“

, Ee) Mobile Power Plant (MES): A mobile, portable power generation facility and ancillary facilities with connection points / points indicated on the interconnected system in associate degree belirtilmiş

ARTICLE 4 - The subparagraph (ç) of the first clause of the same Regulation 5 is amended as follows.

”D) Electricity market legislation, ilgili

ARTICLE 5 - The title of Article 6 of the same Regulation has been changed as ve Professional documents şekil, the first sentence of the second paragraph and the sub-paragraph (a) have been amended as follows and four, five and sixth paragraphs of the same Regulation have been abolished.

Aşağıdaki Map, geology, geophysics, construction, machinery, electrical, electronic, electrical-electronic and electronic-communication engineers who signed sheets, calculations and reports should have one of the following documents. “

De a) Engineers working in the public sector and preparing the projects of the institution they work in; an official letter documenting that they work as engineer in the fields of map, geology, geophysics, construction, machinery, electricity, electronics, electrical-electronic and electronic-communication and other professions in the public sector harita

ARTICLE 6 - Article 7 of the same Regulation has been repealed.

ARTICLE 7 - The second and third paragraphs of Article 9 of the same Regulation have been amended as follows and the following sentence has been added at the end of the fourth paragraph.

Veril (2) No power can be supplied to the facilities where the project is not approved.

(3) The acceptance of the electrical installation that does not have the approval of the project cannot be accepted. (

Adan Once the acceptance has been approved, the works and operations specified in this paragraph shall also apply to facilities in the enterprise in case it is determined that no changes have been made in the facility in the facility without any approval of the modification project or proper approval from the relevant POB. “

ARTICLE 8 - Article 10 of the same Regulation is amended as follows.

"ARTICLE 10 - (1) Project files contain UM Project Scope of Electricity Facilities Proje / (Electricity Generation Facilities Preliminary Project Scope “(EK-2 / EK-4) as a minimum. In case of need, additional maps, accounts, reports, information and documents can be determined by the Ministry and announced on the website of the Ministry. POBs outside the Ministry may determine additional layouts, accounts, reports, information and documents on the scopes specified in ANNEX-2 / EK-4 and announce them on the websites provided that they receive the positive opinion of the Ministry.

(2) Within the scope of this Regulation, the necessary documents, accounts, reports, information and documents for the projects related to the different types of facilities other than those specified in ANNEX-2 / EK-4 shall be determined by the Ministry and announced on the Ministry's website. In addition to the scope of the project declared by the Ministry for the projects in this scope, the POBs outside the Ministry can determine additional maps, accounts, reports, information and documents and announce them on the internet sites, provided that the Ministry receives a positive opinion.

(3) Designing, signing and signing projects, accounts and reports; In addition to on-site inspection, they are required to take into account the relevant regulations, standards, codes of practice and the specifications, procedures and principles published by the relevant institutions / organizations. yerinde

ARTICLE 9 - The first clause of the first clause of the same Regulation 11 has been amended as follows, subparagraph (b) of the same clause has been abolished and the following subparagraphs are added accordingly.

Örnek Unless otherwise stated in the Authorization Table, projects for pre-licensed / licensed production facilities, in accordance with the application sample given in Annex-3, shall be submitted to the Ministry in accordance with the POB and in the other PEFs for the other facilities, submitted to the relevant POBs. ilgili

ARTICLE 10 - The first clause and the sub-clause (a) of the second paragraph of Article 12 of the same Regulation shall be amended as follows and the following paragraphs are added to the same article.

Incelen (2) The conceptual appropriateness of the projects prepared in accordance with the relevant legislation and standards is examined. For the approval of the project, the information, documents, reports, resources, documents, codes / no information and layouts of the application standards in the facility shall be submitted to the related POB by the applicant. On

Ekler The type certificate or design certificate obtained from an accredited organization for electromechanical equipment in production facilities or TSE Criterion / Standards Conformity Certificate shall be submitted to the relevant POB by the license / facility owner on behalf of the manufacturer or manufacturer together with its annexes. “

”A) Not subject to approval by the relevant POB.“

Sunul (8) The Construction Conformity Report for the production facilities shall be submitted by the licensee / owner together with the annex to the relevant POB. These documents are not subject to approval by the relevant POB.

(9) In case of need in the project evaluation process, persons who are authorized to represent the owner of the license / facility and / or the license / owner can be called to the POB regarding the request for meeting about the project. N

ARTICLE 11 - The following clause has been added to the 13 article of the same Regulation.

. (4) Except for the seventh and eighth paragraphs of Article 12, the same applies to the preliminary project approval. “

ARTICLE 12 - The phrase iştir PUS owner iştir in the first paragraph of 15 of the same Regulation has been repealed and the phrase des and administrative inci has been added to the fifth paragraph after ”technical Aynı.

ARTICLE 13 - The fourth paragraph of the provisional 1 of the same Regulation has been repealed.

ARTICLE 14 - The following provisional article has been added to the same Regulation.

"Current project approval applications

PROVISIONAL ARTICLE 2 - (1) Applications for approval of projects to relevant institutions and organizations before the entry into force of this article shall be concluded by the relevant institutions and organizations in accordance with the provisions of the Regulation in force before the date of entry into force of this article. If the projects in question are returned after the date of entry into force of this article due to incomplete and / or inaccuracies, the provisions of this Regulation shall be applied for the projects mentioned.

ARTICLE 15 - Annex-1, ANNEX-2, APPENDIX-3 and APPENDIX-4 in the annex to the same Regulation have been amended and EK-5 has been abolished.

ARTICLE 16 - This Regulation shall enter into force on the date of its publication.

ARTICLE 17 - The provisions of this Regulation are executed by the Minister of Energy and Natural Resources.

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