Dynamic Intersection Control System Launched in Mersin

dynamic confinement control system in life
dynamic confinement control system in life

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Burhanettin Kocamaz introduced the 'Dynamic Intersection Project and Traffic Management Center', one of the new vision projects to relieve the traffic of Mersin, to the press and non-governmental organizations.

Chairman Kocamaz: traf We are relieving the traffic of Mersin with Smart Transport Başkan

Speaking at the publicity meeting, Burhanettin Kocamaz, Mayor of Mersin, stated that they are keeping up with the technological changes based on the rapid change, which is the most prominent feature of the period, and that they have brought Mersin into a smart city with a high level of prosperity. We produce and implement projects based on being able to create smart, self-sufficient new living spaces, which are consumed wisely, respecting nature, minimizing environmental problems, and minimizing environmental problems. We are planning our future with our city and people oriented projects based on the technology and innovation we prepare for our city, and bringing our citizens together under the smart community. We provide practical solutions with informatics by identifying the demands of our citizens and the current and potential problems of our city on time and in place by bringing the transportation of our city with innovative technology. We are relieving the traffic of Mersin with smart transportation Mersin.

”We succeeded with the love of the country in our heart”

Mr. Kocamaz added, çevre We have implemented our Transportation Master Plan projects with an individual, a parent, an environmentalist spirit. Individuals living in this city want to reach their job, power and home as soon as possible. Think about the budget to provide access to less fuel. A parent wants to meet his children as soon as possible in a network of transporters equipped with a smart signaling system instead of full of chaos. An environmentalist living in the city wants the transport network, which is obligatory, to do less damage to nature. With all the projects we have prepared, we meet the needs of our people in a safer, faster, easier and more economical way. We went on the road with the love of service for Mersin, always wishing better. We killed him. We succeeded with the love of the country in our hearts. Ur I wish the Dynamic Intersection Management System and Traffic Management Center which exceeds the ground in the transportation we have gained in our city to be beneficial to all of Mersin and Mersinans, Sistem he said.

Not to save the day since they took office in 2014, underlining the works of the people of Mersin and the city's future, President Kocamaz mentioned about the modern transportation network systems that they brought to the city.

In his speech, President Kocamaz, who mentions the Metropolitan Municipality's use of multi-level intersections to the use of Mersin people, signalization systems installed at the intersections, lower and overpasses, pavements suitable for the use of disadvantaged individuals, newly created alternative routes, the bridges connecting villages and people, the emergency helicopter, Traffic Signal System, Smart Stops, Heliport and Heliped areas, Vehicle Tracking Systems and Panic Button, such as modern and contemporary services that meet the requirements described.

President Kocamaz mentioned that the city's future transportation systems are planned in a way to prioritize the economic, fast, comfortable and safe transportation of citizens. In addition, the President will gain Kocamaz Mersin, Turkey, which will be one of the most efficient and profitable underground Metro Line Mersin voiced 1 submitted to the approval of the Ministry of Transport.

At the end of his speech, President Kocamaz connected to the Traffic Management Center and explained the system. Kenan Tektemur, Deputy Secretary General of Mersin Metropolitan Municipality gave a speech and gave information about the project. Expert System Engineer Çağrı Yüzbaşıoğlu made a presentation introducing the system

What is Traffic Management Center?

The Traffic Management Center, which is implemented by the Metropolitan Municipality and managed within the Ministry of Labor, will ensure the traffic flow in the 7 / 24 hour, in real time, and the city's traffic control will be provided from a single center. For this purpose, the signaling system, traffic measurement system, traffic monitoring camera system etc. installed at different points of the city. Intelligent transportation systems will keep traffic data on a regular basis and current data for other projects will be archived.

What is Dynamic Junction Management System?

Thanks to the Dynamic Intersection Management System which allows the intersections to be managed according to the traffic density, it is also possible to intervene instantly and map the traffic density of the city while displaying the instantaneous signal order at the intersections. While the camera systems are placed in such a way that they can count the vehicles in the related direction, the data obtained from these cameras will be collected in the Traffic Control Management System Center and the traffic in the city will be controlled. Thanks to the cameras connected to the intersection, this system, which determines the number of vehicles in every direction, will manage the traffic lights completely depending on the vehicle density. Through the system that provides the green light for longer periods of time in the most dense direction, the average waiting time of vehicles across the junction will be minimized. The shorter duration of traffic in the vehicles, the reduction of traffic intensity, the minimization of the time lost and the reduction of fuel consumption will reduce the environmental pollution significantly.

Versatile data exchange will be provided

Thanks to the Dynamic Intersection Management System, which is put into service at the city's busiest 67 junction with its sustainable transportation technology, multi-directional data exchange will be provided between the human-vehicle-infrastructure-center and a safe traffic system will be provided to the citizen. Using the roads in the most appropriate and efficient way, energy efficiency will be ensured and the damage to the environment will be reduced. With the Dynamic Intersection Management System, Mersin is experiencing an improvement of% 28 from time to time, which means that the average daily fuel consumption of 6000 liters and 7 tons will be less profitable with less carbon emissions.

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