Record Break With 1 Million 250 Thousand Ton Hot Asphalt in Diyarbakır

diyarbakirda 1 million 250 thousands of tons of hot asphalt broke down record
diyarbakirda 1 million 250 thousands of tons of hot asphalt broke down record

Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality, Sur, Kayapinar, Yenişehir and Bağlar districts 1 million 250 thousand tons of hot asphalt paving the record, while 13 thousand miles of rural neighborhood roads 2 thousand km of the surface covering asphalt, 52 boulevard street and organized to improve comfort 400 thousand meters XNUMX square paved stone.

4 Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality Road Maintenance and Infrastructure Coordination Department, which opened the season in April with the aim of paving all the streets, streets and boulevards of the central district of 1, put a total of 250 million 2017 thousand tons of hot asphalt on the roads. In the asphalting works which continued until December, 600 bin was laid for 2018, 650 thousand tons of hot asphalt was laid for 2 in 200. XNUMX XNUMX thousand tons of hot asphalt was used in XNUMX patch and maintenance and repair works.

Improved driving comfort on roads

Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality, yer Bağcılar Region Regions of Construction Work S in the context of the protocol path known as Kamislo again in the town of Baglar Mehmet Uzun, Orhan Dogan and Cevik SMA Wear a layer of wear has increased the driving comfort increased. Noise pollution was prevented with the asphalting of roads with SMA wear layer.

Pedestrian access provided comfort

Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality, in the current situation deteriorated and needed work with the work done in places 400 thousand square meters of paving stone paved. The existing existing roads and the pavements made from the ground with the completion of the roads were constructed in accordance with the use of the disabled. Within the scope of the pavement works, Gevran Street in Yenişehir district has been lowered to make it suitable for the use of disabled people.

Previously, only black basalt stone was used in the pavements, whereas in the new works basalt, fire brick, granite, visually impaired tracing stone and under-tree composite gratings were used as building materials in order to make the pavements look more aesthetic and different color patterns.

Comfort of rural neighborhood roads improved

Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality, 4 13 out of the central district of the neighborhood of the neighborhood and neighborhood group of roads 2 thousand km of surface coating asphalt. For the first time in 2017, the teams who paved 100 km hot asphalt on the neighborhood group roads, paved the way to 2018 in 50. Due to the rugged winter conditions and the road crossing, 400 thousand square meters of cobblestones have been laid on the neighborhood roads.

52 boulevard and street rearranged

2017-2018 1-250 52 thousand tons of hot asphalt paving the city's streets, avenues and boulevards, Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality, with the completion of road works with the XNUMX boulevard has reorganized the street. In the arrangement of the boulevard and street, middle road, sidewalk, lighting, greening and bicycle path works were carried out.

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