Entrance and exit to Dilovası will be relieved

Dilovasi West Front
Dilovasi West Front

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality is organizing the work at the West Junction to relieve the entrance to Dilovası city center. In the framework of the works, additional arms and bridges will be formed at the junction and connections will be provided. The 3 pieces in the project were also completed. When the work is completed, vehicles that want to go to D-100 Istanbul from the district center will not have traffic problems.

One of the most important transportation projects implemented in Kocaeli, Dilovası continues to work at the West Junction. Further work is being carried out at the West Junction in Dilovası to provide TEM and D-100 connections. Within the scope of the project, 3 bridge was completed. Asphalt works of the project were completed. Asphalt paving teams began to work on the road, pedestrian and guardrail and electric lighting began to mount the pole. Environment and landscaping have been completed.

With the new work, the entrance and exits of the district will be relieved. Working with new bridges and junction arms will be created. With the project coming from the west of Gebze and want to go to Dilovası vehicles entering the industrial center without entering the district center will be provided. The existing bridge for the Dilovasi entrance will be revised. One of the study was the bridge of 3 pieces, including the creek bridge.

The vehicles that want to go to D-100 Istanbul from Dilovası district center will be able to participate directly with the project. Within the scope of the project, the entrance and exit of the vehicles entering the Dilovası district center on the D-100 Highway will be organized. With the intersection arrangements to be made, from the city center of Dilovası, D-100 Highway will be provided with direct entry and exit without using industrial roads.



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