Defense Industry Helicopter Platforms

defense industry helicopter platforms entrusted to domestic and national experts
defense industry helicopter platforms entrusted to domestic and national experts

Türk Loydu and HeliPlat have signed an important cooperation for our defense industry. Between Türk Loydu and HeliPlat; cooperation protocol on tests and controls to meet the helicopter platform certification / licensing requirements was signed at a ceremony held at the headquarters of Türk Loydu. Türk Loydu, which stands out with its support to the Turkish ship industry, continues to make a name for itself with its support to national supplier companies within the scope of the localization move in our defense industry.

As a result of the protocol; Under the supervision of Türk Loydu, helicopters, helideks, helicopters and helicopters will be supervised by HeliPlat experts. In this way, all helicopter platforms to be used in the defense industry will be able to obtain the conformity documents without being dependent on the outside.

17 On January 2019, Mr. Cem Melikoğlu, President of Türk Loydu Foundation, Mr. Lütfü Savaşkan, General Manager of Türk Loydu Compliance Assessment Services, Mr. Fuat Akpınar, General Manager of HeliPlat and Mr. Mehmet Fuat Akpınar, Director of Administrative Affairs Ercan and HeliPlat employees participated.

At the ceremony, Mr. Fuat Akpınar, General Manager of HeliPlat; Following the process of making and licensing of all helicopter platforms to be made within the scope of civil aviation, including defense industry, and the information regarding the consultancy process they have made during this process, he stated the following mış In order to produce and use domestic and national products in all areas in accordance with the objectives of our country, HELİPLAT and TÜRK LOYDU Has signed a strong cooperation agreement with the aim of localizing and testing of Helicopter Platform certification materials. Especially in the field of Civil Aviation, especially in Defense Industry, to eliminate the dependence on foreign countries has been an important step on behalf of our country and for the first time. While eliminating the dependence of our country on foreign affairs in this area, it will be our biggest goal to guide the Middle East and Turkic Republics in this regard. Ül

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Türk Loydu Foundation Cem Melikoğlu, in his speech; the domestication moves in recent years in Turkey and especially in military areas touched upon the importance of the activities carried out in accordance with international standards, the sectors they are in this experience by increasing their knowledge and experience of our national institutions, he said developed to be dependent on foreign supplies. Cem Melikoğlu emphasized that the increase of domestic and national organizations in the national defense industry will ensure that the information and technologies produced in our country will remain in our country. and that they have carried out educational activities and that we have fully local and national experts who can provide high quality services in these areas.



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