Cableway to Dalaman's Paradise Corner Sarsala

dalaman of paradise to ski
dalaman of paradise to ski

The ski lift project, which is located in Sarsala, which is the paradise corner of the region with its unique beauty, is planned to contribute to the region's tourism.

On the occasion of the 10 January Journalists Day, the Mayor of Dalaman, Muhammet Şaşmaz, who came together with the press members, expressed his happiness of coming together with the regional press and gave information about the cable car project they were planning to do in Sarsala. Şaşmaz said, c We will create a situation that will attract the attention of our citizens who hesitate to go to Sarsala due to the bends and we will get down to the Sarsala beach, which has become a great brand contributing to tourism, and we will descend from the region we call Eren Dağ “.

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