Malatya-Baskil Ferry Change and Expedition

changes in ferry times and times in Malatya
changes in ferry times and times in Malatya

Malatya Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Services Department by the ferry service on the hours of the ferry to Karakaya Dam was changed. New arrangements were made following the changes regarding ferry services and times.

Following the changes made during the ferry service hours between Battalgazi and Baskil, the first time in Karakaya Dam Lake was made by 07.30 by Malatya, at 08.15 by Baskil; the last voyages by Malatya 16.30, will be held by Baskil at 17.15.

Ferry Hours Application Hours

EXPEDITION                        BATTALGAZİ STORAGE                                         BASKİL REMOVAL

1 07.30 08.15

2 08.15 09.30

3 09.30 11.30

4 11.30 13.30

5 13.30 15.30

6 15.30 16.30

7 16.30 17.15


It was stated by the Metropolitan Municipality that additional flights can be arranged if there is a need outside the service hours, and that there is no priority for each vehicle group during the transportation by ferry.

In addition, on Sundays at 14.30, both ships will wait at the pier of Baskil, and if there is density, they will respond to the need with additional voyages. Citizens ferry times They will be able to follow through their address. They will be able to notify their requests and complaints about ferry services to the phone number (0422) 377 13 43 of Malatya Metropolitan Municipality Public Transport Services Branch Directorate and also to 444 51 44 Call Center 7/24 during working hours.

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