Uludağ Winter Festival will be organized with Cardboard Sled Competition

cardboard riffle competition will be organized
cardboard riffle competition will be organized

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, this year the third made Uludağ Winter Festival will be held in the cardboard to make a sledding contest. Any material other than general purpose cardboard, adhesive tape, paint, pouch and paper will be used in the competition.

In order to turn Uludag into a tourism center that provides a year-round 12 to the city economy, the Metropolitan Municipality is preparing to undertake different activities at the Uludağ Winter Festival, which will be held for the third time this year. One of the most striking parts of the festival, which will be held in 19-20 January, is the sledding contest. 9 - 15 age between each child can participate in the competition; only general purpose cardboard, adhesive tape, paint, pouch and paper can be used in the preparation of slides. There will be rope or tether on the front sides of the sleds for the carton sleds to be carried. In the competition where the use of materials such as wood, industrial glues, wire or staples, fastener is prohibited, adhesive tape, wax, wax and paraffin can be used under the cradle.

Must see finish

Competitors will be able to participate in the competition by bringing a permit from their families. A maximum of 3 people can compete in a sled, and the most important thing is that the contestants have to complete the 50 meter course with their own cardboard slide. When a competitor is using the sleigh, he can have two assistants with him. There are two aids on the start line that can push the sled a little, and after the start line is passed, the contestants will not be able to use their hands to steer the sled. The start of the competition will only be done by pushing the sleds in the standing position and no acceleration will be made. Participants will wear a helmet during the competition and all sleds, skids and sleds must cross the finish line. If no sled can cross the finish line, the unraveled sled most close to the finish line will win the competition.

20 The competition will be held between 11: 00 and 16: 00 on January 1st. Uludag 2. Development Zone The competition in the festival area next to the Frog Rock Cable Car Station will be available at www.uludagkissenligi.com.

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