Kanal Istanbul Can Be The First Energy Channel In The World

canal can be the first energy channel in the world
canal can be the first energy channel in the world

The countdown for the Kanal Istanbul project, which is considered to be one of the biggest investments in the history of the Republic, continues. According to the energy experts, the channel can be the world's first Energy Channel.

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is working on the Channel Istanbul project, which he shared with the public as a 'crazy project'. Republican history is considered one of the most important jobs in renewable energy projects in Turkey in terms of age appeared to be jumped.

President of the Energy Economics Association Dr. Gürkan Kumbaroğlu underlined that it is possible to turn Kanal Istanbul project into an hem energy channel leri and that the energy farm to be built around the canal and the wind farms and solar farms to be established, and the river turbines to be built into it, will make it possible to produce a very valuable energy and to be the center of attention for the world. She pulled.

Let's not waste energy potential
Kumbaroğlu stated that the feasibility studies to be prepared for the energy production around the canal project were considered to be positive, and Kumbaroğlu said, bil Will the water flow through the canal and the wind will not blow? Will this channel get the sun? This is not possible. There will be both wind blowing and the sun. It is possible to convert the flowing water, the wind blowing and the coming sun into energy for the country's interests and contribute to the economy. Let's not waste this huge potential, let's do the world's first Energy Channel. Bu

Kumbaroğlu said that there will be a serious expropriation in the region in the works for the opening of the channel. K After this expropriation, we have to decide what we want to see around the canal. After the canal is finished, are we going to plant trees, or will we build a building, or do we build the right wind turbines, solar panels and energy plants? Moreover, it is possible to generate energy from the flow of water in such a large channel. Channel Istanbul project is a very high energy project. Kanal

Kumbaroğlu pointed out that renewable energy investments had depreciated itself very quickly. Inden On the one hand, the income to be generated from energy production supports project finance, on the other hand, renewable energy generation provides carbon reduction. Our crazy project becomes even more crazy, becoming the center of attention and interest in the world çılgın. (Yenisafak)

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