Bursa T2 Tram Line will be integrated with rail systems!

bursa t2 will be integrated with tramway rail systems
bursa t2 will be integrated with tramway rail systems

Bursa Metropolitan President Alinur Aktas, T2 line to the city square towards the bottom of the 1200 meters and the decision to enter the T2's line should be integrated into the normal system, he said.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktas, every Friday morning in the event of abundance table, residents of Bağlaraltı neighborhood came together. President Aktas who made the morning prayer in Abu Bakr Mosque, made breakfast with the citizens. Citizens expressed their problems and expectations to President Aktaş, while the Metropolitan, BUSKI and Burulaş bureaucrats were present at the meeting and all demands were noted.

We are not an ordinary country

After the breakfast in the neighborhood of the mosque President Aktas chatting with the residents of the neighborhood, recalling that a global crisis has been experienced, stressed that these days will be overcome soon. President Aktas messages that unity in his speech, "They do not want a strong country like Turkey in this geography. In the past, the right-left, the Turkish-Kurd, tried to sow the seeds of discord by making a distinction between the flame and the Sunnah. These folks did not parade these games with unity and solidarity. There are those who have dreams about those lands, those who have dreams. This was yesterday, there are today. Do not think that after today will not be. It will be after today, because we are not an ordinary country. Bugün

We need to grow Bursa

Underlining the fact that the investments made in the past have continued to be developed, Mayor Alinur Aktaş said, X We need to integrate the T2 line with other rail systems. We decided to go underneath the 1200 meter. In the past, there were some difficulties due to intensive and diffuse studies. Thankfully, we have solved this problem and the traffic has become flowing. Çok In the past, the urban transformation system has a negative impact on Bursa, Aktas emphasized, a square meter of square meters, said that a system of urban transformation will not be.

Chairman Aktas, problem 3-4 10 people are living in the family where we add, then there is a problem related to transportation in Bursa. Let's sit curved and talk right. If you will get square meters of square meters, 30 - 40 will give you an annual building, instead you will get a new apartment. The contractor earns this, the landlord wins, everyone wins, but Bursa is losing. There is no urban transformation in this way. We need to open new living spaces and grow Bursa Bizim.

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