BTSO focuses on export with UR-GE and HISER projects

btso focuses on exports with ur ge and hiser projects
btso focuses on exports with ur ge and hiser projects

Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI), 14 International Competitiveness Development conducted jointly with the Ministry of Commerce and the 1 HIS continues its leadership in Turkey Project. Within the scope of UR-GE projects initiated to strengthen the competitiveness of Bursa business and foreign trade volume, 45 international program has been organized so far and 30 procurement committee program has been signed. BTSO Chairman of the Board Ibrahim Burkay, 2019 in the UR-GE and HISER Project number of 20'ye said they aim to increase.

Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which aims to contribute directly to the sustainable development of Bursa and the country's economy, continues to strengthen the strength of its members with its UR-GE and HISER projects. Within the scope of UR-GE projects, BTSO, which has carried out numerous activities both in Turkey and abroad, supported its members to develop their skills in doing business worldwide.


Within the scope of UR-GE projects, BTSO, which pioneers its members and provides important supports in activities such as training, consultancy, foreign marketing and purchasing committees, continues to increase the city's exports and competitiveness with its activities. In the projects where the 45 international marketing organization was organized in order to reach the target markets, the participating companies took part in the bilateral business meetings held in their target markets. BTSO members, who participated in bilateral business meetings held in important markets such as Germany, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, USA, Romania, France, South Africa, Kenya, Iran, Morocco and Russia, created new business networks in the global arena.


BTSO also brought the important manufacturers and importer companies from abroad to Bursa with the organization of 30 procurement committee organized in different sectors and brought the project together with the companies. BTSO develops projects to increase the potential of strategic areas of infant and child apparel, space defense and aerospace, rail systems, machinery, composite, textile, chemistry, especially in Bursa. Within the scope of procurement committees, BTSO has so far introduced foreign buyers close to 4 bin 500 in Bursa. he managed to bring them. These organizations contributed significantly to the foreign trade volume of firms.


Within the scope of UR-GE projects, BTSO has also organized sector-specific trainings and consultancy activities. R & D, innovation, design, sales-marketing, negotiation techniques, institutionalization, team work and leadership training in different areas, companies gained important equipment in this process. Within the scope of UR-GE and HISER Project, the participating companies had the opportunity to benefit from the knowledge of expert trainers in the projects where close training and consultancy program close to 90 was held.


Turkey's most UR-D project, one of the BCCI conducts institutions, is preparing to commissioning new RI & D projects in the coming period. While the establishment of the UR-GE Project in different sectors such as automotive, construction and building materials, elevator, furniture, rubber industry, processed marble continues; Within the scope of HİSER, renewable energy, health tourism and construction sectors are among the projects on the agenda of BTSO.


Evaluating the activities of UR-GE projects in the 2018 year BTSO Chairman of the Board Ibrahim Burkay, the project is a very productive year spent in the firms, he said. Noting that UR-GE projects increase the competitiveness and export of Bursa business world, Mayor Burkay said, ihracat We are putting in important activities in order to accelerate our sectors. In 2018 we realized the 14 separate procurement delegation program from textiles to rail systems, from aerospace to chemical sectors. With these projects, our companies have caught important business connections. Bu


In addressing the importance of reaching alternative markets in an environment where global competition is becoming increasingly difficult, Ibrahim Burkay mentions; He said that UR-GE projects provide a great advantage for companies to open up new markets. . We have to use our export channels more effectively for the stronger Bursa in the global arena. Especially in sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America, we must feel our strength and potential in alternative markets. We are striving for the evaluation of the maximum benefit of our Bursa Bursa companies by offering the 360 million pounds of resources offered by the Ministry of Commerce to the business world. Ticaret


Bursa business as Global Trade Agency together with Turkey's export-led development goals UR & D projects, the Turkish Trade Centers, Commercial Safari and they support with qualified trade fairs organized in the city, emphasizing the President Burkay, "Bursa 2023 as the business world, for the year 2053 and 2071 we have much bigger goals. In 2019 we will continue to realize the export targets of our country and contribute to our economy with our strength. X (BTSO)

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