BISIM 5. 1 Million 622 Thousand Users

bisim 5 reached the 1 million 622 thousand users at the age of
bisim 5 reached the 1 million 622 thousand users at the age of

The bicycle rental system e BISIM ediy, which was commissioned by 18 January 2014 of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, was established by 5. 1 million 622 years old reached the user.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, taking important steps in the goal of “bicycle city”, has ceased to be a sports and hobby vehicle with BİSİM, which attracted great attention in a short time. BISIM, the bicycle rental system that entered the life of the people of Izmir on January 18, 2014, reached 5 million 1 thousand users in 622 years. The bicycles of Büyükşehir, which serve at 34 stations built along the coastline between Sahilevleri and Mavişehir, have changed a lot in the life of the people of Izmir in a short time with the widespread bicycle paths, 735 parking places and 500 bicycles.

With the rental bicycle system BİSİM, which was put into service by the Metropolitan Municipality, the desire of the people of Izmir to ride bicycles appeared, and bicycle sales increased with the widespread use. The bicycle, which used to be considered as a report card for children, was used for both healthy life and transportation in İzmir. As IZBAN and the metro allow travel by bicycle, sales of “foldable bikes” have increased. An important group in İzmir went to work on a bicycle under suitable weather conditions. Respect and empathy for cyclists became widespread in traffic.

34 station
BİSİM's Beach Houses, which are not only appreciated by the people of Izmir, but also by the tourists coming to the city, İnciraltı Recreation Area, İnciraltı City Forest, Göztepe Bridge, Ahmed Adnan Saygun Art Center, Üçkuyular Pier, Susuzdede, Bridge, Quarantine, Karataş, Konak Metro, Konak Pier, Passport Pier, Vasıf Çınar, Ali Çetinkaya Boulevard, Alsancak Pier, Alsancak Station, Harbor, Meles Recreation Area, Bayraklı Scaffolding, Bayraklı Wedding Hall, İZBAN Turan Station, Alaybey Tersane Cafe, Karşıyaka Scaffolding, Karşıyaka It has stations in the Marriage Office, Dolphins, Bostanlı Pier, Bostanlı Sports Facilities, Bostanlı Focus, Mavişehir Fishing Shelter, Mavişehir, Wildlife Park, Bird Sanctuary and Sahilevleri Baku Park.

The smart bicycle system of İzmir, which is also integrated with İzmirim Card, operates between 06.00 and 23.00. Reaching 5 million 1 thousand users in 622 years, BİSİM's number of members with BİSİM cards was 140 thousand, the number of members with credit cards was 123 thousand, and the number of members with card cards in İzmir was 2 thousand 135.



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