Great Interest on Crash Snow Festival

big interest in cambasi snow festival
big interest in cambasi snow festival

. 14, which was organized at the Çambaşı Plateau of the Kabadüz District, organized by the Metropolitan Municipality of Ordu and the Municipality of Kabadüz. Çambaşı Snow Festival was the scene of many colorful events.

2 thousand altitude Çambaşı Plateau held the 14.sü snow festival in the province and hundreds of citizens from outside the province participated. The festival started with the speech of the National Anthem and continued with the speeches of the National Anthem.


Mayor of Kabadüz Yener Kaya, who made the opening speech of the program, pointed out that cold weather conditions are one of the sine qua non of the snow festival. Mayor Kaya said, adı This festival is called a snow festival. We're going to live bad weather at every festival. Today, we are doing this activity with a little more stormy weather. If there is no snow, there is no ski resort, if there is no snow, there is no water. I wish the event held here will be good and fun for all of us. Burada


Stating that Çambaşı became even more prominent through the ski resort, Mayor of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Engin Tekintaş said, ehir We are in a festival where the ski center is used more beautiful and more effectively. Even if we're just here, it's enough to advertise here. By means of ski center, we make our promotion more prominent. Çambaşı is becoming more and more different every year with its nature, taste, people, and all the works and activities made here. The most important reason why Çambaşı is known is that it is best used in both summer and winter tourism. I hope this promotion and activities will continue after that. "He said.

Mr. Tekintaş stated that they will continue their works and said ören We will continue to introduce Çambaşı as economic, tourism and promotion and as the most beautiful place of the region. I would like to thank all of our guests, our guests and the Metropolitan Municipality on behalf of our Metropolitan Municipality. Ey


Referring to the interest in Çambaşı in the coming years, Deputy Governor of Ordu Adem Öztürk said, na Çambaşı Ski Center will be one of the most important ski resorts in our region as soon as possible. We are making a great effort to provide the necessary services. There's a really great air here. However, the presence of this enthusiastic crowd is one of the most important indicators of the increase in interest. I wholeheartedly believe that Çambaşı will be a very important tourism center in the coming years. Ben

"If Davos, Switzerland TURKEY HAVE PLATEAU DE Çambaşı"

Mi Today we will celebrate a nice opening here. I am very happy and happy in this respect. I have visited almost every part of the world, but I have never seen such a beautiful place. I compare this with the Swiss Davos. I was thinking about being there last week, but I prefer the Crater. I wanted to embrace you and share this happy day with you. If the Swiss resort of Davos in Turkey have Çambaşı Plateau. We're gonna introduce this beautiful place to the whole world. We have more than Davos. We have a wonderful meat and meat CAMBAS We want you recognize all of Turkey, "he said.


Çambaşı pointed out that the shooting center of the AK Party Army Mayor Candidate Güler, Ordu The closest ski slope to the sea is a great advantage here. It has also become a center of attraction due to its high oxygen content. We will further develop this center of attraction and introduce these beauties to the whole world. Here is a gastronomy center, where there is a health center. There are peace, life, vitality and sport camps here. That's why we call on the whole world: Come see the Army, Çambaşı. Bu


After the protocol speeches, the festival continued with folk dance performances of the Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Folklore Team. As part of the festival, students from the Department of Sculpture of the Faculty of Fine Arts at Ordu University Üniversitesi 1. Snow Sculpture Workshop was held. Snowball sculptures such as çotanak, owl, horse and sleeping baby were very popular among the participants. 14 continued with Taner Can and Hülya Polat concerts at the festival where the Army meet with a drum. The Crash Snow Festival hosted fun moments with snow wrestling, skiing and sledding.

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