President Aktaş gave the gospel! Every Place will Meet with Metro

president aktas mujdeyi gave a place to meet with the subway
president aktas mujdeyi gave a place to meet with the subway

In the 2035 of Bursa, two new rail system lines will be established with the Transportation Master Plan that determines the transportation model.

Many projects such as Çalı, Görükle, Yunuseli, Otogar and Demirtaş are planned to meet with the rail system. The plan will be presented to the parliament today.

Details of the 2035 Transportation Master Plan, which was prepared by the Metropolitan Municipality to solve the problem of transportation, emerged. In the second session of January, the Metropolitan Municipality Council, which will be held today, will be submitted to the approval of the council members. While reducing the dependence on the car, expanding the fast and high capacity public transportation network, encouraging the mobility of transportation, meeting the need for access, protection of the environment, the plan has been gathered and many data has been collected and finalized. With the new transportation model in which the regions where employment areas will increase in the future are also considered; reducing the traffic density in the main arteries, the capacity of the rail system is insufficient to overcome such problems.

According to the new recommendations for the rail system; City Hospital-Emek-Arabayatağı route which will form the first line will be composed of 22.7 kilometers and 24 stations. With this line; City Hospital, which is planned to serve this year, and the high-speed train station to be built will be provided. Görükle-University-Kestel route, which will form the second line, will serve 43 km long and 41 station. Currently, the last stop of the university line, Görükle, Kızılcıklı and Başköy Industry will extend. The 3 route, which will form the Çalı-Acemler-Gürsu Line, will cover the Beşevler Small Industrial Site and Çalı stations from Acemler Station. The line, which is planned to serve with 28.8 station with a distance of 23 km, will provide transportation from Beşevler, Çekirge, Cumhuriyet streets and from Mesken to Gürsu.

The 20.7 line, which will serve with 17 kilometers and 4 stations, will form the Çalı-Fatih Sultan Mehmet-Demirtaş route. With this line, Yunuseli, Intercity Bus Terminal and Demirtas will also meet with the rail system. According to the planned rail system model; In 2035 you will be transported 114.4 million 1 thousand 322 passengers per day with a line of 496 kilometers in Bursa. A total of 1 km extension lines will be formed at the ends of HAT2 and HAT18.9 lines. After the 2035, vehicles in the existing light rail lines will be transformed into metro vehicles. The T2 Line will be integrated with rail systems in the city center.

The 2035 plan included rail systems as well as public transport arrangements with rubber wheels. There will be parking at the scheduled points with transfer centers, transfer center parking, parking around the station and station, bicycle park, road and smart bike station. According to this; 3 main transfer center with high passenger density; The Acemler will be stationed around the City Square and the Bus Station. There will be service and commercial functions, office-business centers and city squares. Next to the main transfer centers will be Gar, Esentepe, the University, Altınşehir and the 5 transfer center in Gürsu. In addition to these, 10 transfer point and 37 parking lot-continue transfer area.

There will be radical arrangements for minibuses in the 2035 plan. According to the plan, minibuses will be institutionalized over time and will switch to the smart card system. While converting minibuses into taxis, wages will be reduced and electric vehicles will come to the fore. Call centers will be established and the city will be designed for a private taxi. The existing 35.6 kilometers will be upgraded to 104 kilometers in the short term, and to 238.6 kilometers in the medium to long term. The Transport Master Plan also includes details about pedestrian roads and parking lots. (Source: Derya Demir - Olay)

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