Prohibition of Grevin Didn't Revive İZBAN

banning the strike
banning the strike

İZBAN stations show the time of the light-operated panels do not work. Nobody going to the station knows how long to wait.

According to the news of Turan KARA from Evrensel; “In the agricultural town built around the heavy industrial enterprises of İzmir, the temperature is zero day-night minus 2-3 degrees. Menemen is having the coldest days these days. It is not even possible to see birds and dogs in the town, where birds and dogs are never missing. People seem to be forced to go out. Schools, factories, and hospitals are full of people who line up the disease called swine or rhino flu.

Two people waiting at the station are talking about İZBAN:

- Did you see İZBAN started?

- How many days does it start? No one is seeing.

Not like it's exaggerated. It is also said that he works as a single line.

Two days after the strike was banned, young, old, child, group, group, or individual female male, full of unemployed people… Heavy and noisy locomotives going north to the north of the city instead of İZBAN wagons and 30-40 wagon long to the south, to Alsancak Customs the freight train passes TCDD passenger trains, which again go to Basmane at rare intervals. The freight trains consist of petrochemical products, machinery parts, industrial products, export and import goods loaded from the Petlim Port of SOCAR located in the Gulf of Nemrut.

Illuminated panels showing the hours of the flight do not work at İZBAN stations. Nobody who goes to the station knows how long to wait. Morning-evening business hours and school departure times combine. People are making the trips they cannot leave to chance and using the buses and minibuses from the burden of the cold waiting hank. Except for Aliağa passengers, they have to wait for the longer the time. Luckily, he who does not know when to arrive, who goes to train. While anticipating the arrival time sitting on the sofa, the announcement that “Our train will wait for such minutes because of its malfunction” is frustrating the plans.

Although not official, the explanations are that these delays and unsupervised transport are due to the maintenance and gravel-stone leveling of the railroad workers on the roads.


We are talking about the İZBAN strike with the workers at the place where heavy freight trains arrive. The issue that puts TPI workers on their minds is what the union (Petrol-Is) and themselves will do if their strikes are banned. Trade unionists and workers in the business are somewhat idiosyncratic. They think their bosses are now 'good people', 'compromising, peaceful'… This is their second big contract but their first experience. TPI workers work for about 2 pounds. They want a modest increase above the minimum wage hike. 1950 closed inflation above 2018 percent and the government's expectations are lower in 20. The workers said, “We don't know if the boss is against it, there is nothing to oppose. While thinking about the increase, we thought over 2019 lira. If there was a proper increase 1950 years ago, if the promises were kept, we would have to consider this over 3 thousand liras. He cannot claim to be greedy, ”he says. Workers are said to have ended union pressure on them. "Everyone is doing his job very well and waiting for the contract," says the worker. I don't think it will be banned to us. The problem between the boss and us is after all. Political games like IZBAN are not here. Banning the IZBAN strike was also wrong. I think Aziz Kocaoğlu could not finish İZBAN by using the metro with 3 percent. He made it into political material and squeezed it into his own feet. ”

An old iron-steel worker bir We also have a strike that isn't a month in 29 days. Wondering whether the 1 will provide wage assistance to the union workers from the strike fund at the end of the month or whether the workers will resist all odds. The result is a very rich and how many years union. He had to say he was going to use the strike fund. 1 not be filled again because the day did not fill. But the strike is over. There are also those who say that the union is happy to ban the strike to not use the fund. Frankly, I don't think it's true. 1 monthly salary is also gone when the workers say win, it is already 10 when it hits the moon. I hope it ends in a good way, Um he says. As for the workers' strike ban, he says: ı Come on, it was an emergency. Now there is no emergency. For the first time, such a workplace was banned. Prohibition of strikes is not a solution, but they are forcing to do what they want. V


A worker in Izmir Iron and Steel (IDC) says that the pressure and dismissal in the subsidiary companies of his factory are visible. The worker, who described Akdemir, a contract manufacturing company of the IDC, said: There would be occasional but not collective. In the IDC, 'those who want to exit the name,' they say, they will remove. But the worst part is the harbor section. 20-30 people from the port. Crisis clause, they issued without compensation. Things can't be said to get worse, but I don't understand why there's so much pressure. İşler

The ongoing effort of the Port-Work Union in Izmir Iron and Steel Port has been continuing. The IDC does not want a union in the port and continues to put pressure on workers. Finally, dismissing the 3 worker without compensation, İDÇ said, İ We are going to shrink Son. The workers in the port are trying to end unionization with the support of turning the crisis into an opportunity: aş You cannot take out workers and take new workers instead of new ones. A month ago, they recruited new workers. Now they want to run at lower rates. Şimdi

The port worker, who interpreted the prohibition of the İZBAN strike as P Al skullcap cone “, says that Aziz Kocaoğlu and the CHP did not give a good test. Ği The workers should not be too compromise to strike, ın he says, saying that the workers demanded by İZBAN workers are trying to get workers everywhere.

A retired IZSU worker who has been a CHP member since he was a teenager thinks that Aziz Kocaoglu is not able to sign a signature because of the lawsuits filed against him: ça There may be a threat to open a case or bring the old cases back to the agenda. It is also interesting that Kocaoğlu and the CHP are more prominent than TCDD General Directorate. But the descriptions are not pleasant, of course, difficult to explain. But I do not think that it would be a burden for İZBAN to take the rights of the workers. Çiler (Universal)

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