You fill yourself in Aytemiz Fuel, Pay Yourself Period!

fill yourself for yourself
fill yourself for yourself

Aytemiz put into service the up self-service lar islands in 30 station, where the consumers who desire can fill their fuel and pay the price. Advantageous prices will be applied in self-service pumps, which allow consumers to carry out fuel consumption without delay and to make payments at the pump. The number of Aytemiz stations that will offer self-service is expected to pass 100 a month later.

Aytemiz, which has made a difference by breaking the competition with its innovative and creative brand understanding in the sector, brought the most common rek self service anlayış fuel purchase service to its consumers by signing another first. The self-service, which allows consumers to fully fill their own vehicles with their own fuel, will save users time and budget.

Particularly the United States and to Europe, advanced by all countries, for many years in gas stations in the system is used and Turkey fuel sector of the world standard, indicating that it is time to start to offer such a service Aytemiz General Manager Ahmet Appendix A, on artificial intelligence plate recognition system hosting this "kiosk added that technology is a first in the world. Appendix A, they started their work on the self-service station 2 30 years to give in and across Turkey about a month later announced that the station aims to carry 100. He also expressed his happiness for being the first brand to launch self service at 40 station in 100 province.

The consumer wanted to fill his own store kendi

Ahmet Eke, laş Because the products and standards in our sector are certain, the way to differentiate in competition is through service. We are aiming to maximize customer satisfaction, lead to the sector and grow our brand by creating a difference not only with our number of stations, market share, growth rate with our services but also with our services. In this direction, the expectations, needs and satisfaction of the consumers we listen to constantly motivate us to seek better, develop new strategies and make investments. In fact, our retail perspective, which we adopt as Aytemiz, is in line with consumer preferences and lifestyle changes. Fuel consumers are also seeking to realize their needs and desires as ve fast ve and lar practical ”in their daily lives. With the help of this advanced software and artificial intelligence, we believe that our customers who can adapt very quickly to the systems and services implemented in Western countries will adapt to the user friendly self-service fuel purchase very easily and the service will spread rapidly. Currently, the self-service in the retail and food industry is often used. In addition, we have made this expansion by taking into account the retailer and pioneer brand identity with the courage we have taken from our consumers who say that they would prefer to use it in the independent research we conducted. Now, our consumers, without waiting for the fuel sales person, without the help of anyone, in less time with less advantageous prices, fuel purchases and payments will be able to. At Aytemiz, we believe that our customers who benefit from self-service will leave our stations happily. La

Self Service Fuel Prices Self

Ahmet Eke, the consumer, as well as time savings, which will offer a price advantage to the self-service price to be applied to the self-service, he said. An Self-service fuel prices to be used in gasoline and diesel purchases will be lower than standard prices, an said Eke, who will benefit from a noticeable price advantage in self-service pumps. Benzin

It was time ...

. You need to appeal to a wide audience for a permanent, sustainable and sustainable service in the industry, and you need to tell the consumer why you are doing this job and what their earnings will be. We, as Aytemiz, carry out long-term feasibility studies before each new service, complete the infrastructure investments and meet with our consumers at the right time after being convinced that we can provide the service perfectly. This is the starting point of our slogan of surprise services. We make every effort to ensure that almost every surprise service is innovative, creative, benefit-oriented and sustainable. We have implemented projects such as Biker Friendly Station, fast charging units for electric cars, free internet service, which are the first in our sector.

In addition to saving time, we also added the payment option with BKM Express to our kolaylık Pay to Car inin service, which provides great convenience. This is the secret of being one of the most innovative brands in the industry. Now our self-service service has taken its place in a permanent and robust manner among our ler surprising innovations Şimdi. Instead of converting one or more stations to a complete self-service at a time, it protects the existing layout and provides self-service, thus protecting our diversity.

Employment in our stations will be preserved exactly…

Aynı We would like to facilitate the lives of our employees as well as our consumers while providing a new service, veya said Eke. Alan Self-service assistants will continue to work in the same station or other non-fuel sales and service areas m.

Ahmet Eke who gave information regarding the operation system of the self-service, said that through a kiosk to be installed on the pump island, BKM TechPOS system will be used to match the costs of the pump with the POS and the credit flow will be provided through the Banksoft software. First, the plate will be recognized by a sensitive camera installed on the pump island and entered into the system. The driver will start the process via the touch screen and place the product gun on the side of the vehicle in his vehicle's storage. After the completion of the payment, the pump will become active. Thanks to the user-friendly and voice-guided kiosk, the entire process will be completed quickly and easily. Eke said that they have taken all the security measures related to the system. Emniyet Self service used in all developed countries does not carry any risk as long as simple safety rules are followed. A uyar self-service assistant bir that will help both our customers and security warnings will serve in our stations for a long time. In addition, warning and orientation images will be kept next to our pumps, Ayrıca he said.



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