The All-Time Asphalt Record was Broke in İzmir

all time record in asphalt broke down in izmir
all time record in asphalt broke down in izmir

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which has increased the production capacity of asphalt and parquet with the new construction sites it has built, 2018 kilometers in 1500 and 2 thousand 143 kilometers in the district road asphalted a difficult record to reach. Metropolitan, this year the amount of asphalt poured compared to the previous year 22, the surface of the plain covered by the percentage of 75 increased.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, which produces asphalt and parquet at 3 construction sites in Belkahve, Bayındır and Bergama, broke an asphalt record in 2018. Increasing its asphalt capacity from 160 tons to 740 tons per hour, the Metropolitan increased the pace in every part of the city, especially in the villages and lowland roads in the districts that were later attached to its responsibility area.

In 2018, the local government of İzmir broke a new record by paving the road of 1500 thousand 2 kilometers with a 143-kilometer plain road. Büyükşehir, which shed 2017 million 1.533 thousand tons of asphalt equivalent to the road of 1 kilometers in 789, increased the amount of asphalt it poured by 2018 percent in 22 to 2 million 100 thousand tons.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality paved the area of ​​2017 million 4 thousand square meters (250 kilometers long) in 850, and paved the plain road 2018 million square meters (7.5 kilometers long) in 1500. The increase rate here reached 75 percent. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality broke the record of all time in İzmir with its asphalt performance in 2018.

15 7100 kilometers per year
Metropolitan Municipality teams, 2004 launched in the project of regulating the plain roads, 15 35 million 500 thousand square meters per year area, ie, 5 meters wide 7 thousand 100 kilometers long way asphalt. With this work, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality saved the farmers from mud and winter dust in winter. The quality of the manufacturers 'products increased, while the buyers' access to the fields and gardens became easier; costs decreased. Thus, Izmir has taken important steps in line with its goal of adımlar local development Böylece.

Muhtar's demands were taken into account
The asphalt works were shaped in line with the needs conveyed to Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu, who met with all mukhtars in the city, especially in 11 metropolitan districts. The "asphalt operation" started in the neighborhoods in the center, especially the roads that were damaged after the intensive infrastructure works that started to provide water, sewerage, electricity, natural gas and telecommunication services in many regions of Izmir. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality spent 1 billion 50 million TL on road works within the scope of asphalt, surface coating of plain roads, key parquet flooring, lime stabilization on plain roads and road coating.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Sathi Coating Manufacturing (Square Meter)

2005 1.070.268
2006 1.206.691
2007 1.720.658
2008 1.824.467
2009 1.715.093
2010 1.783.165
2011 1.740.738
2012 1.384.037
2013 3.000.588
2014 1.776.076
2015 4.046.671
2016 2.222.810
2017 4.249.387
2018 7.500.000

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Hot Asphalt Production (Ton)

2005 494.767
2006 519.478
2007 858.487
2008 922.835
2009 719.324
2010 419.367
2011 610.019
2012 600.131
2013 1.217.740
2014 784.636
2015 1.085.879
2016 1.358.993
2017 1.788.814
2018 2.100.000



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