Arbitration in the Logistics Sector

arbitration in the logistics sector
arbitration in the logistics sector

Dispute Resolution Solutions in Logistics and Transportation Sector and Alternative Solution Suggestions Made the Panel at Istanbul Bar Association

In the trade and logistics, which has been tried to be digitalized and increasingly facilitated, one of the most important parts of social life and logistics, the most important facilitators and assistants of the law, especially ılar Arbitration and Mediation ında and the other methods including the dispute resolution methods in the logistics sector, were consulted with the active participation of the panelists and participants. .

Istanbul Bar Association hosted and hosted the panel ISTAC (Istanbul Arbitration Center), UND and BSEC-URTA (Union of Black Sea Economic Cooperation Road Transport Associations).

Erman Ereke, UND's Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board, participated as speakers in the panel. He thanked the labor authorities for the development and development of mediation and stated that the Association would support such facilitative systems.

Other speakers at the meeting were Chairman of BSEC-URTA, TOBB, TIR and ATA Carnet Director Aslı Gözütok, President of ISTAC. Dr. Ziya Akıncı, Chairman of the Logistics and Transport Law Commission of the Istanbul Bar Association Egemen Gürsel Ankaralı, UND Transport Law Working Group President Naz Ege Ege.

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