Apaydın Examines Train Rails Detailing Burdur

appraisal examined the train tracks that divide the two into 1
appraisal examined the train tracks that divide the two into 1

AK Party Burdur Mayor Candidate Deniz Kurt projects within the project that separates the two halves of Burdur TCDD General Manager İsa Apaydın and his team were in Burdur for a press release. The description is as follows;

General Manager of TCDD in Burdur İsa Apaydın, Deputy General Manager İsmail Çağlar, Head of Railway Maintenance Department Fahrettin Yıldırım, Head of Department of Surveying, Design and Investment Mesut Yaman, Deputy Head of Real Estate Department Kubilay Karagul and 7. Regional Director Adem Sivri and TCDD staff AK Party Burdur MP Parliamentary Presidency Member Bayram Ozcelik, AK Party Burdur Province President Volkan Mengi and Burdur Mayor Candidate Deniz Kurt and Central District President Hüseyin Okan accompanied.

We are working for projects worthy of Burdur

AK Party Burdur Mayor Candidate Deniz Kurt stated that they had realized the project works for a developing and growing Burdur. With the growth of our city, the railway tracks that are in the city and which divide Burdur into two are no longer a problem. We made interviews with the General Directorate of TCDD about our MPs and the Provincial President to take the Railway Station and its rails out of the city. In this context, TCDD General Manager İsa Apaydın and his team came to our province, not breaking us. We made a detailed examination in our train station and the route where the rails were passing. We shared our project with our General Manager and explained the works we want to do. Mr. General said that he would start a detailed study on the transport of the railway station and the tracks outside the city. I would like to thank the General Manager and his team who gave positive messages to us in the name of the solution of this situation which stands as an obstacle in front of the growing and growing Burdur.

Nothing should stop you from developing

Mr. Burdur deputy Bayram Özçelik stated that they have carried out projects and studies for the rapid development and growth of Burdur. it was an obstacle. In the visit of our candidate candidate Deniz Kurt himself and the public opinion survey, we have conveyed our request by visiting TCDD General Manager together with our Provincial President Volkan Mengi. We asked our General Manager to conduct an inspection in the field. Our General Manager and his team did not break us and examined the area in question. Deniz Kurt forwarded our projects in the field. The train station and the rails are taken from the city and the city is close to the 1. It would be appropriate to move in the OIZ. Our General Manager and his team said they would do a study, taking the necessary notes. All the people of Burdur will personally see the change in this region, and this area will become a new center of attraction in Burdur. Du We will have a long-awaited holiday in Burdur with our new business areas, cafes and green areas in our guests who say you have squeezed Burdur to Mecburiyet Avenue. Bur

We are ready to work day and night as a team

Burdur province by providing a local and government support to provide many projects that they want to provide the AK Party Burdur Province President Volkan Mengi gi Burdur station, which is of great importance for Burdur, and it is very pleased that the issue of the removal of the train rails to be resolved. Deniz Kurt, our candidate for Mayor, has started to work on the project with the announcement of his candidacy. With the support of our Government together with the Local Government, we will try to bring many projects to our province. The giant project that we plan to do in the area that will be formed by the removal of the Train Station and its rails, which we prepare and which we attach great importance to, will change the vision of Burdur. Burdur will no longer be a province stuck on Gazi Street, but a city with alternative streets. Mayor Candidate Deniz Kurt and MPs Bayram Özçelik and Yasin Uğur are working day and night and will continue to work on the way of a thriving and growing Burdur. En

General Director of TCDD, who is in the process of inspecting the train stations and rails out of the city İsa Apaydın Providing information about the high-speed train project that is important for our province, he said that the project is being carried out as planned and that there is no disruption or postponement. (the Burdurgazete)

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