3 in Antalya. First Test Drive on Stage Rail System

first test suru in 3 stage rail system line in antalya
first test suru in 3 stage rail system line in antalya

25 of 3 kilometers between Varsak and Zerdalilik which is the biggest project of Antalya with public resources. While the Phase Rail System line works at full speed, the first test drive was started by giving electric energy even in the 12.6 kilometer section between the first stage of the light rail line and Varsak-Otogar.

Antalya 3. Kepez District Varsak which is located on Süleyman Demirel Boulevard-Yeşilırmak Avenue-Sakarya Boulevard route of the Stage Rail System Project Karşıyaka 750 Volt underground power transmission lines were supplied to 31.500 Volt underground power transmission lines in the overhead catenary lines between the Süleyman Demirel Boulevard-Şahinbey Avenue Junction and Yeniemek District Sakarya Boulevard-Yıldırım Beyazıt Avenue Junction.

Moving under the overhead rail lines, energized, climbing, touching, touching the conductors and touching the wires falling to the ground is dangerous for life and property safety. Citizens residing in and around the region were asked to be careful.

The first stage of the energies has been successfully completed on the Varsak-Otogar light rail line.

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