Antalya 3. Phase Light Rail Line to be energized

antalya will be energized to the 3 asama light rail line
antalya will be energized to the 3 asama light rail line

We continue to bring our mega projects to Antalya in a timely manner by working day and night. On the one hand, we offer new services that will make our life easier for our people while on the other hand we create added value for our city and we are reviving our economy.

Here, we have reached a new stage in the 3. We started to cut our vehicles to our line in a short period of four months after the concrete operations of the line started. Now our first stage Varsak-Bus Station between the 12.6 km section will give the electric power to our line and will begin the first test drive. About one thousand workers worked day and night during the day and continue to work. This is how many people have found work and love. Many companies also took part in this system; construction work, service work and goods sold. The economy of our city has been revived. Studies continue at the same speed.

This stage is a source of pride for all of us. For this reason, 23 / January / 2019 on the morning of 00.00 from Antalya 3. Kepez District Varsak which is located on Süleyman Demirel Boulevard-Yeşilırmak Avenue-Sakarya Boulevard route of the Stage Rail System Project Karşıyaka 750 Volt underground power transmission lines will be supplied to 31.500 Volt underground power transmission lines in the overhead catenary lines between Suleyman Demirel Boulevard-Sahinbey Street Junction and Yeniemek Neighborhood Sakarya Boulevard-Yildirim Beyazit Street Junction.

Navigating under the overhead lines of the electric rail system, climbing, touching, approaching the conductors and touching the wires falling to the ground are dangerous for life and property safety. We kindly ask our citizens who are residing in and around the region to be careful.



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