Hose Disaster at Antalya Airport

hose disaster at antalya airport
hose disaster at antalya airport

In the middle of the week, the storms and hoses, which were effective in Antalya and its districts, took their lives. Hoses that cause severe damage to Kumluca 2 has lost his life. 1 disappeared when the vehicle was dragged into the river by the hose.

Today, the storm, which has affected the central districts of Antalya, brought disaster to the city at 133 km per hour. 2 buses toppled at the airport, many vehicles were damaged. Aircraft on the apron were also damaged by the tornado. 17 citizens were injured.

Many streets and boulevards across the city were closed due to overturned trees. Many shutters, the signboard was torn, flying over the roofs of the buildings were overthrown.

Environment and Urban Planning Minister Murat Kurum announced that 229 buildings were damaged due to the storm in Antalya.




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