Minibus Taxi from Antalya Metropolitan

antalya bigsehirdan dolmus taxi description
antalya bigsehirdan dolmus taxi description

In the statement made by Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Planning and Rail System Department, it is said that Dolmus Taxi Transport and Operation Cooperative has been established to serve in the city, and that the cooperative will be given a work permit after the local election, and the citizens received victimization for the cost of membership. It was said that it was necessary to make an explanation in order not to live

In the statement made by Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, “In the last days, after the local elections, information is given that a taxi transportation service will be provided within the city, and a notification is received by a cooperative established that memberships are collected and members are gathered. There is no study carried out by our municipality for taxi transportation service. In order for our citizens not to be victimized, they should not respect their promises from unauthorized people. Apart from our Metropolitan Municipality, which is the only authority in the province in terms of transportation, no fee is paid to any person or institution. Our municipality has nothing to do with the situation in question and a criminal complaint will be filed against those concerned. ”



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