Cat Eyes in Ankara's Village Roads


Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department continues to take measures in terms of life safety as well as asphalt renewal and road expansion works in the new districts and connection roads within the limits of its responsibility.

Metropolitan Municipality teams who complete the traffic signs on the district neighborhood connection roads are also placing the GRP roadside posts (cat eyes) in order to make the neighborhood roads safe and comfortable in accordance with the standards.


CTP roadside posts, which are important for life and property safety, are manufactured using reflective materials in accordance with the standards specified in the technical specifications of the General Directorate of Highways.

These materials, which allow the light to be reflected properly, are especially noticeable with low-night vision and the vehicle headlights on non-illuminated roads, warning the driver and reducing the accident rates to minimum levels.

It is also aimed to evaluate the road network as a whole with cat eyes and to reach adequate safety standards of all roads that connect the central districts and other districts, and to make the right and left boundaries of the road line on low-pay roads.


This year, the tender work for the installation of the 50 bin cat eye installation will be completed, the work will be completed about a thousand kilometers of 2 road network with roadside pylons will be taken the necessary traffic measure.

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