From American Authors to Erciyes


Travel writers of newspapers and websites in America visited Erciyes. Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa Çelik also met with travel writers in Erciyes and told about Kayseri and Erciyes. Erciyes'i and Kayseri, which is very liked by the authors of the world's most beautiful ski resort Erciyes'in said.

With the investments of Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality, Erciyes, one of the world's leading winter tourism centers, continues to open up to the world with the promotion works of the Metropolitan Municipality. Tourists from Russia, Ukraine and Poland visited Erciyes, where tourists came from charter flights every week and visited American Travel Writers.

Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa Çelik came together with Erciyes, Erciyes, who came to Erciyes. Providing information about the guest writers Erciyes and Kayseri Mustafa Steel, Kayseri is a city of riches, he said. Kayseri; History, nature, cuisine and heart that is a rich city that expresses President Steel, historical and natural beauty and gave detailed information about our rich cuisine. Stating that the most important wealth of Kayseri is the rich people of the heart, President Çelik stated that traditional Turkish hospitality is felt very well in the city. Stating that Kayseri is a city of friendly people, Mayor Çelik said that Kayseri is a peaceful city with a planned and smooth development. Mayor Mustafa Çelik asked the guest writers to tell the beauties they saw when they returned to their country.

American writers also expressed their appreciation for Kayseri and Erciyes. American authors used the following statements:

Bjorg gudjons: "Turkey is the second development. I was in Aegean in summer. I was unaware about the barracks resort in Turkey. We are in a place where we should visit more. I'm a very experienced skier. Many places around the world. Erciyes is the most beautiful place in the world I've moved. I'm sure I'll bring my kids here to skate. I

Emma Weissmann: "The first time in Turkey. I am very satisfied. We're gonna write down our ideas about these places. I wouldn't think we'd be so hot. Thank you for your hospitality. I've never skied in my life; but here I learned to skip the 1 hour course. ama

Laura Kiniry: "I would not think it was so beautiful ski resort in Turkey. I didn't know we were coming to such a beautiful place. I loved Erciyes and Kayseri. Erc

Eileen Cotter Wright: "I did not think that ski culture in Turkey. I'm glad to see such beautiful places. Bu

Eric Trinidad: I love your meals. We're wasting energy on the mountain, and then we get the energy we've lost energy with good food. I am very happy to be here. Burada

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