Number of Flights to 140

airplane flight number 140a
airplane flight number 140a

Since Istanbul Airport has increased its flights, 10 has a daily number of flights to 140 in January. The bus departure times will be updated accordingly.

HAVAIST, which is a subsidiary of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality subsidiary, AŞAS, is being increased by taking into consideration the transportation needs of passengers and employees at Istanbul Airport. The decision was made due to Turkish Airlines' (THY) 9 - 10 January 2019 that will increase its flights in Istanbul Airport.

In HAVAIST, 10 January 2019 will increase the number of buses and flights. 5 from Istanbul Airport will also take 30 bus to 140 with daily flights. Depending on this, the bus departure times will be updated.

The lines were determined to receive 16 passengers from the 21 district in Istanbul. THY, TUHIM, IETT, IGA, BELBIM planned as part of the work planned in the 21 location; Metro, Metrobus, Bus, Minibus, Bus Station and Marine Transportation were determined considering the integration.

According to this; Taksim - Besiktas -New Airport Line (IST-19) (round trip), Yenikapı-Bakirkoy -New Airport (IST-1) (round trip), Kozyatağı Metro - New Airport Line (IST-7) (round trip) and TUYAP - Bahçeşehir New Airport (IST-2) (round trip), 15 July Democracy (Esenler) Bus Station - Alibeyköy Pocket Bus Terminal - Istanbul Airport Line (round trip) lines were reorganized.

In the application, additional flights will be arranged if needed. In HAVAIST Istanbul Airport transportation, payments can only be made via Istanbul card.

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