Aesthetic Touch to Bursa Mustafakemalpaşa Bus Terminal

aesthetic touch to the bursa mustafakemalpasa bus terminal
aesthetic touch to the bursa mustafakemalpasa bus terminal

The bus terminal, which has been serving in the Mustafakemalpaşa district of Bursa since the 1990s, has gained a modern look with a comprehensive revision built by the Metropolitan Municipality.

On the one hand, the Metropolitan Municipality, which has determined the projects that will carry Bursa to the future, has been continuing its works continuously in order to increase the quality of life in the common use areas in 17 districts. Metropolitan Municipality was not indifferent to the demands for the renewal of the terminal building, which has been operating in the district of Mustafakemalpaşa for about 30 years and worn over time. The Mustafakemalpaşa Bus Terminal, operated by Burulaş, has been completely renewed, from its floor to its roof, from its exterior to waterproofing, from its washbasins to shopping venues. The terminal, which is the first stop of those coming to the district, has turned into a modern place with its new image.

It was gleaming

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş visited the renovated terminal building together with Mustafakemalpaşa Mayor Sadi Kurtulan and Mustafakemalpaşa Mayor Candidate Mehmet Kanar. With company representatives operating in the terminal sohbet President Aktaş greeted the terminal shopkeepers and passengers waiting for a bus. Reminding that one of the most important meeting points of provinces and districts is the terminals, Mayor Aktaş emphasized that the Mustafakemalpaşa terminal has also been in service since the 1990s and the conditions are not very suitable. Stating that both Mustafakemalpaşa Mayor Sadi Kurtulan and terminal tradesmen have demands for improvement or replacement, Mayor Aktaş said, “We have done extensive revision and renovation work here because we operate it by means of Burulaş. We spent about 450 thousand TL and a sparkling beautiful place emerged. Large windows were created to benefit more from daylight. The waterproofing, facade sheathing, in short, all areas from floor to ceiling were overhauled and a beautiful place emerged. This place meets the needs adequately now, but we are considering a new terminal project in parallel with the development of Mustafakemalpaşa. As of now, those who will go to other cities from Mustafakemalpaşa or those who will come here will easily use the terminal. "Good luck to our district," he said.


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