Transportation Good News from Şahin to the people of Samsun!

access to samsunlulara
access to samsunlulara

Mayor Zihni Şahin announced that as the Metropolitan Municipality, a 'Transportation Call Center' was established, which covers all Samsun, where opinions, suggestions and complaints about transportation can be conveyed.

Metropolitan Municipality has realized another very important project in order to offer more comfortable and convenient transportation opportunities in Samsun. Mayor Zihni Şahin said, “As Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, our Transportation Call Center, which covers all the city, where any opinions, suggestions and complaints about transportation can be conveyed, has been put into operation”.


President Zihni Şahin made a statement regarding the Transportation Call Center, which was created in order to provide better quality and comfortable transportation services to the people of Samsun. Announcing that the Call Center started its activities with the new year, President Zihni Şahin said,

“Our citizens will be able to convey all their opinions, suggestions and complaints about transportation to our Call Center. Thus, all kinds of grievances in the field of transportation will be prevented. ”


Explaining that the line numbered 0 850 333 55 55 is activated for the Call Center, Mayor Şahin said, “The Transportation Call Center, where all kinds of transportation-related problems can be conveyed. It will serve between 07:30 - 22:30. Our specially created line will be informed and complaints for all issues such as not following route and working hours, not working in accordance with the electronic fare collection system, and not taking passengers without stopping at the station. "The complaints and problems conveyed to the Call Center will be handled and resolved instantly by the Department of Transportation."


Saying that they are happy and excited to offer another service to Samsun, Zihni Şahin said, “Samsun Metropolitan Municipality is once again on the agenda with a service that directly touches its people. Metropolitan Transportation Department and SAMULAŞ will be at the disposal of our people to provide quality and comfortable transportation services to Samsun residents as it has been until today. I wish our Call Center to be auspicious. ”



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