EU Warned on 2014 on Fast Train 'Line Not Safe'

ab wasn't safe in the 2014te warnings
ab wasn't safe in the 2014te warnings

Before the presidential election of the European Union 25 July 2014 opened in Istanbul-Ankara High-speed train line due to the "security risk" asked to be opened. The government, which ignored the warning of the Union of Composite Transport for the Ankara-Konya line on high-speed trains, has not heard the warning from the European Union at 2014.

Newspaper WallAccording to the news of Asli Isik; The government, the Ankara-Istanbul high-speed train line, such as the Konya line 'contract work has been completed before the opening' was found to open. A part of the mentioned line was made with an EU grant, while a part of the European Investment Bank loan was used. The EU awarded 33 million to the 200 kilometer Köseköy-Gebze section of the Ankara-İstanbul High Speed ​​Line. Transportation Minister Lütfi Elvan invited senior representatives of the EU to the opening ceremony on 25 July 2014.

He was responded by warning by Johannes Hann, head of the period's commissioner for enlargement and the head of the financial office, which at that time received grants. In the official letter sent from the EU at the beginning of July, 'contract work is not finished yet' reminded that 'opening the line as commercial transport will constitute a security risk' said. First of all, the European Union officials did not participate in the invitation. However, the government opened the 'high-speed train line' just before the presidential elections in 10 August 2014. It was learned that the signaling of the Köseköy-Gebze line was completed 2 years ago.

Ankara-Istanbul high-speed train line can not be considered a 'high-speed train line' experts, many parts still no signalization and the train from Izmit after the Germans stressed that continued the centuries-old railroad line. Experts reminded that the high-speed train means a new line, new wagons and signaling, and he pointed out that in many places of Ankara-Istanbul train he still uses the old line and the speed has fallen to 100 kilometers.

"There are only two high-speed train line it could be called in Turkey. Polatli-Konya and Ankara-Eskisehir, gereken he said, pointing out that the tunnels still need to be opened on the Istanbul line. Despite the failure to comply with international criteria is no government, 213 thousand km in Turkey. claims the high speed train line has opened.

When the project is taken from the EU, the Ministry of Transport, which sets the 100 voyage destination during the day of departure, is able to launch 8 between Istanbul and Ankara on a daily basis. According to experts, the reason for this is that there are no signaling systems (computer systems) that can follow in succession, and the trains are managed by human hands. The government's escape from the automation is a double public damage, both because of the security risk and the high cost. Most parts of the line received credit for the large part are not completed.

The cost of a day passenger 500 TL indicating that the experts, the fast train ticket prices are 80 TL recalling, he draws attention to the fact that each passenger creates a great loss. 3 thousand 200 passengers are transported between Ankara and Istanbul on a daily basis. According to experts, the rival of the aircraft should be the fast train, even the bus companies can not be competing. Most of the land transport is still done by buses.

4,5 billion euros are spent for this line, the authorities, despite this large expenditure, the number of passengers as well as the requirements of the signalization is not completed, 'financially, the country has suffered great damage, and also emphasized that the security is not. Experts underline the fact that more money is spent on the Ankara-Istanbul route than Marmaray but the project is not actually completed because it is expensive and wrong investment. Gazeteduv is)

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