Airlines in Turkey last year was Million Passengers Use 210

210 million passengers used airplane overnight
210 million passengers used airplane overnight

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Cahit Turhan, the number of passengers using the airline by the end of last year in Turkey, including direct transit passengers, reported that increased 8,6 percent compared to the previous year 210 million 189 thousand 945 reached.

Minister Turhan, General Directorate of State Airports Authority (DHMI) prepared by the 2018 year of air, aircraft, passenger and freight statistics announced.

In December of last year, the number of 62 128 40 978 38 bin 603 in the domestic flights, and the international flights of airports, Turhan said that the same crossing traffic in the same month as the XNUMX bin XNUMX.

Turhan, pointing out that of the total air traffic services rendered towards the range air reaches 141 thousand 709 the upper transition, "this month across Turkey Airports in domestic passenger traffic 7 million 989 thousand 298, while international passenger traffic was 5 million 519 thousand 748. Thus, the total passenger traffic with direct transit passengers in the range was 13 million 527 bin 265. Böylece

Minister Turhan, airports freight (cargo, postal and baggage) traffic as of December in domestic lines 59 thousand 550 tons, international lines 223 thousand 810 tons, total 283 thousand 360 reached the tone was passed.

As of the end of December last year, considering the realizations, the aircraft traffic landing and taking off at airports, 893 thousand 223 in the domestic lines, 649 553 474 that expresses the express lines, the upper crossing traffic is expressed as 987 thousand XNUMX.

Turhan pointed out that the total number of aircraft traffic in the air route last year increased by 5,4 with the upper crossings, and that the total aircraft traffic by the end of last year reached 2 17 763 million.

”112,8 used domestic passengers last year“

Domestic passenger traffic in airports across Turkey thousand 112 758 617 million, while international passenger traffic Turhan said that thousands 97 231 289 million, gave the following information:

X The total number of passengers using the airway was 2018 million 8,6 thousand 210 with 189 increase compared to last year when direct transit passengers were included in 945. The airport traffic (cargo, postal and baggage) reached 915 thousand 790 tons in domestic lines as well as 2 million 906 tons in the international lines and 103 million 9,8 in 3 million 821 million 893 in total.

Istanbul Airport plane and passenger statistics

Launched by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan at 29 October 2018, recalling that scheduled flights started at 31 October 2018 at 31. 31 thousand 2018 passenger traffic by plane took place, he said.

Turhan, will be the largest in the world at the time of the Istanbul Airport, 718 95 passenger traffic in the period 330 111 passenger service in the period in question, until the present day the number of passengers using the airport has reached the 371 bin XNUMX said. (SAE)

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