Minister Turhan received information from the Center for Fighting with Snow

Turhan received information from the centers
Turhan received information from the centers

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Mehmet Cahit Turhan, General Directorate of Highways (KGM), Snow Fighting and Disaster Coordination Center was visited, Bolu Cankurtaran, Kayseri Pinarbasi and Bingöl Karlıova `was connected to the video, learned about the fight against snow.

Minister Turhan, in his speech here, within the scope of the snow and ice-fighting activities of KGM highway, state and provincial roads 7 days 24 hours worked, he said.

Turhan stated that each year a bilgiler Winter Program Map ığ was prepared according to the importance of the roads, physical condition and traffic volume of the roads that the institution is responsible for, and that this information was shared with the institutions they provide together with traffic safety such as gendarmerie and security units.

Minister Turhan, 2018-2019 winter program, 67 thousand 932 thousand kilometers of the road network, 54 thousand 746 kilometers is always open, 8 thousand 925 kilometers are opened when the opportunity, 4 thousand 227 kilometers are excluded from the snow and ice struggle is expressed as the roads, continued:

Gerçekleştiril These works are carried out by 422 8 machinery and equipment and 778 bin 12 personnel at 307 snow-covered center throughout the country. 400 thousand tons of salt, 382 thousand tons of salt aggregate for use in our studies, 2 thousand 886 tons of chemical de-icing centers are stored for critical cuts. In addition, because of the type of roads and the breeze, the 689 snow cover is frequently used to cut the sections. Yol

In addition to the work of KGM, it also indicates that citizens have important responsibilities. from the analysis program, the most appropriate route and alternatives, closed and questioned the way the study is important for the victims not to question.

Turhan, KGM within the Karla Fight Center in the road network of road traffic monitors and snow-monitoring vehicles are monitored and monitored by the vehicle tracking system of work machines in case of encountering any negativity during the fight with the snow and coordinated with the relevant authorities reported that.

Minister Turhan, the winter before the start of the security forces and the road authorities pointed out that it is important to prepare the tools of the tools.

Turhan then Bolu Cankurtaran Highway Maintenance Operations Chief Ali Basak, Kayseri Regional Director Ibrahim Yasar and Bingöl Karlıova Mehmet Başmak Head Team headed to get information about the road situation and work, video and wished facilities to the team.

Bolu Cankurtaran Highway Maintenance Operations Chief Ali Başak said that snowfall started again, 11 vehicles and 130 personnel work, there is no hitch in transportation. (Source: Ltd.)

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