Minister Turhan Examined Road Works in Antalya

Minister Turhan examined the road works in Antalya
Minister Turhan examined the road works in Antalya

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Mehmet Cahit Turhan, Antalya North Ring Road, Antalya-Burdur road crossing intersections on this road will create significant relief in transportation reported.

Minister Turhan made examinations on the work on the Northern Ring Road and Burdur highway in Antalya.

Receiving information from the authorities of the 13th Regional Directorate of Highways, Turhan told reporters that Antalya is a rapidly developing and growing city in the field of urbanism and tourism.

Explaining that they are constructing 8 junctions on Burdur road in order to relieve the additional traffic load, capacity and circulation of roads brought by this growth, Turhan said, “Four of them have been completed and studies on the remaining ones continue. We will complete them as soon as possible and put them into service. ” said.

“Antalya Northern Ring Road will offer significant relief”

Stating that they are working on the 36-kilometer Antalya Northern Ring Road in order not to create traffic in the city on the road coming from Burdur and Isparta direction, Turhan said:

“Approximately 12 kilometers of parts were completed and opened to traffic. In the remaining 24 kilometers, the works continue. With the completion of this place, especially those who come to Antalya from the northern provinces and from the western and eastern settlements by road will have the opportunity to transit without concentrating the city traffic. Especially in the greenhouse areas of Antalya, vehicles carrying vegetables and fruits will be allowed to get out of the city easily without getting stuck in the city traffic. In this sense, Antalya Northern Ring Road, Antalya-Burdur road and bridged junctions on this road will create an important relief in transportation. ”

Turhan stated that important and priority parts were rendered serviceable in the works and that the remaining parts would be completed quickly by exceeding the problems related to expropriation.

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