Transportation is the most important topic of Gaziantep

The most important transportation of gaziantep
The most important transportation of gaziantep

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Fatma Sahin, the fast-growing city of Gazi, emphasizing the importance of equipping with technology, the most important point at this point in the transportation reported.

President Şahin was the live broadcast guest of the Joint Publishing Platform. Gaziantep Olay TV, NRT, Channel 27, GRT, Mega TV and Hisar TV in the joint publication of the moderator Galip Ünlükara answering questions Sahin, transportation from energy projects, drinking water to housing projects, social projects from the new local management vision told the vision.


Providing information about the Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Traffic Control Center, which started operations a year ago, Şahin said, “It is very important to equip the city with technology and to prepare the city's quality of life for its technological infrastructure. The most important title here is transportation. In metropolitan cities like us, the infrastructure of the transportation network needs to be fed with technological equipment. At the Traffic Control Center, the 7 day 24 watches the city's nerve endings, main vessels, jammed spots with young and dynamic crew. The work of the traffic cops and engineers will be done by the traffic control center. Our center became stronger during my period and now it is one of the few control centers of our country. We are one click ahead of the provinces in our category. We are the ones who followed in every issue and are now being followed. Our control center has an impressive structure. 300 thousand people have downloaded the application we launched last year, the 60 thousand people can enter the system with a credit card. Especially young people are closely following our system, so we are quite satisfied. Özellikle


Gaziantep, 295 signaling intersection of the reminder of the Sahin, said: şöyle Left turn restriction only 9 pieces were made at the junction. The perception was created as if a storm was broken in a glass of water, as if everywhere had been restrained. Two-year studies carried out by traffic engineers in the impact analysis; There were too many left turns within the city. It was understood that this work could not be solved with the interchanges at the bridge. This was applied in Ankara 80, Istanbul 70 years. It is as if this practice is the only one in Gaziantep. In Konya, Kayseri, Denizli, Aydin and Izmir these applications are made. We're growing too fast, when I'm president, the number of vehicles is 400 bin, while 550 has found a thousand. On the one hand we need to discipline the traffic on the one hand; we need to provide traffic flow. We have reduced the 5 phase to the 2 phase before the left turn restriction. We are testing ourselves, impact analysis of the work we do. When we look at the results of the impact analysis, we will not give up the practice we have done since we know that when we return to the past we will have trouble again. Maybe we could explain the application better here and it was our fault. We went directly to the application without telling. After the practice, our people understood. To prevent air pollution, to save time, to reduce the use of fuel to reduce the use of this application was understood for our people. They should look at them as a work to improve transport in their lives. There are risks of living in the Metropolitan as well as the beauties. We are no longer a small town in Central Anatolia. Our people must embrace the culture of living together and disciplined life brought by the metropolitan. Through the application; At the Grand Junction, 63 has reduced the waiting times of vehicles. After the application, the intersection volume increased by 25 and no queuing was observed. The signal times have increased green times. In addition, 25 Interchange Junction, Degirmicem Junction, Iller Bank1-2 Junction, Yeditepe Junction, Maternity Junction, Agile Force1-2 Junction, left turn ban was applied. The use capacities of these intersections increased after the application and the waiting times in the signal decreased. The intersection projects that we have prepared regarding left turn restriction, won the 'Productivity Project Award' organized by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology 2017.


Under difficult conditions, 4 recorded 12 junction intersection, President Fatma Şahin said, ın We photographed the traffic within the scope of Gaziantep Transportation Master Plan, we identified the priorities. In these harsh conditions our size does not have another city that finishes the 12 junction. We made half of our state. We chose ring road connections. Other than Fevzi Çakmak, there was no other connection to the highway. There was a big jam in front of the Iller Bank. First, we connected the Bedri İncetahtacı Bridge Interchange to the Ring Road, then Dr. We connected the Asım Güzelbey Bridge Interchange and the City-Bridge, and then Dedeman was left, we finished. We have revised the Cemetery Bridge Interchange again. We've relaxed all the way out of the city. We also made a very serious arrangement in the corridor of Gaziantep Airport. We will have new interchanges. There's going to be a big jam at Primemall Shopping Center. There will be a bridge crossing that will affect the whole life there. We have prepared a bridge junction project covering TED College at Yamaç Tepe without using people there. People will use the ring road without using Primemall, Gaziantep University and Organized Industrial Zone. Transport and Infrastructure Minister Mehmet Cahit Turhan, this project will be held in February, the tender said. Sahinbey Bridge Interchange, Kahraman Emmioglu Bridge Interchange, Karatas Bridge Interchange, Beylerbeyi Bridge Interchange, Green Valley Bridge Interchange, Mehmet Simsek Interchange, Organized Industrial Zone Bridge Interchange and Metropolitan Municipality Bridge have completed ağı.



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