SODEV Human Rights Award 3. Provided to Airport Workers

Sodev Human Rights Chamber was given to 3 Airport Workers
Sodev Human Rights Chamber was given to 3 Airport Workers

. Human Rights, Democracy, Peace and Solidarity Award de, which has been given regularly by SODEV since 2001, found their owners in a ceremony held in Taksim Hill Hotel. X Human Rights, Democracy, Peace and Solidarity Award, 3. It was given to airport workers.

2018 SODEV ”Human Rights, Democracy, Peace and Solidarity Award“ independent jury members; DİSK President Arzu Çerkezoğlu, Journalist Kadri Gürsel, Lawyer Türkan Elçi, Artist Füsun Demirel, Architect Mücella Yapıcı, TİHV President Şebnem Korur Fincancı, Academician Korkut Boratav and natural jury members; President of SODEV Babür Atila, SODEV Honorary President Ercan Karakaş, SODEV Former Presidents Aydın Cıngı and Erol Kızılelma's votes 3. It was given to airport workers. EMEP Chairman Selma Gürkan and EMEP Deputy Chairman Levent Tüzel also attended the award ceremony.


In the opening speech of the ceremony, President of SODEV Babür Atila said, sınıf We give this year's award to the workers who give hope to the working class and our people with their struggle to grow and develop the solidarity. T Noting the importance of solidarity, Atila said, ğ As long as we breathe, we will continue to be favored. Dayan After the speech of Atila, 3. A short film of videos taken from the workers' phone during the resistance of the Airport Workers was shown.


The reason for the award was announced by DİSK President Arzu Çerkezoğlu. 3. Çerkezoğlu described the construction of the airport as a ”symbol of the construction of a new regime j and said,“ Every regime expresses itself through its monuments. Istanbul's new air port stands for us as a monument of the progressive concrete economy by destroying our nature and our cities, the capitalist regime that tries to suppress the labor force of the three five privileged companies whose names are memorized by gas bombs and arrests. Lar It is a monument erected by looting or plundering public resources against trees, migratory birds, workers, labor, mind, science and life. Ağaç According to the official figures during the construction of the new airport, Çerkezoğlu said that the 52 worker lost his life. Ett At the basis of this monument there is a wild employment model that sees the worker as a cost element; 2 thousand workers every year have a management understanding responsible for the death. her


Çerkezoğlu said that the workers who resisted demanding to work in more humanitarian conditions were responded to detention and detention. said. Çerkezoğlu 3 is the award on the grounds that the action of the workers has renewed the hope of the struggle of all the victims. It was announced to Airport Workers: ver 3, a photograph of the new regime. At the airport, the association that strengthens over the union, with resistance they have a say in every process, have always had their solidarity with airport workers, not only to get their rights, Turkey has shown a hopeful path for the future. "3 after Çerkezoğlu speech. The awards of the workers of the airport were presented by the jury members. In order to receive the award, one of the workers' representatives, Yunus Özgür, was informed that he could not attend the ceremony because he had been detained for giving support to the workers at the Okmeydanı SSK Hospital. (UNIVERSAL)

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