Renewed Roads in Important Locations of Mersin

Refreshing roads in important locations
Refreshing roads in important locations

The Metropolitan Municipality, which continues to renew and transform the roads in the important locations of Mersin, has brought the street to a modern appearance with its infrastructure and paving works on Yaşar Doğu Caddesi and connected roads in Mezitli District.

Yaşar Doğu Caddesi, one of the most frequent routes used by the citizens and waiting to be paved for many years, was completely renovated and modernized with the works of the Metropolitan Municipality.

With the vision projects it has implemented in order to solve the traffic density of Mersin, the Metropolitan Municipality, which has solved the problems of the important positions in the traffic of Mersin, has renewed the roads and renewed the roads.

Before the asphalting works, a total of 3 thousand 159 meter rainwater line works were carried out by MESKI and Road Construction Maintenance and Repair Department teams on the street without infrastructure and 25 rain water grid was installed.

After all the infrastructure works, the Metropolitan Municipality teams paved the way to Yaşar Doğu Street and connected roads to be used by the citizens. A significant amount of 2 thousand 500 tons of hot asphalt was poured into Yaşar Doğu Street which is an important route for Mezitli district.

As a result of the studies, it was offered a comfortable transportation opportunity to the citizens who used Yaşar Doğu Street which is an important route for Mezitli District.

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