President Türel's Target is 25 Kilometers Subway Line

President Turelli has a metro line of 25 kilometers
President Turelli has a metro line of 25 kilometers

Mayor of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Menderes Türel, 359 project for the next period prepared and these projects will provide employment to approximately 70 thousand people, he said. 100. In the year, the 40 acreage Nation Garden area will be transformed into an uninterrupted green project area of ​​400 acres by taking the traffic from the Sabancı Boulevard to the ground. Türel said that they will make 25 kilometers to Konya from Lara. Explaining that the last 5 had invested 12 billion liras in a year, Türel noted that the future 5 will put 20 billion liras investment target for the year.

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Menderes Türel was the guest of Esra Boğazlıyan's Local Election 2019 Program. Talking about the services 5 has done over the years, President Türel also shared his future projects. Türel stated that they prepared an 2019 project after the 359 and explained some of the projects as follows: Proj As in the Konyaaltı Beach Project, we will continue to strengthen and implement a municipality that has a green and green understanding in Antalya. Now we have a new project, National Garden. 100. 473 thousand m40 xNUMX million valuable value belonging to TOKI in the year, the National Garden project for the National President of the Republic and Mr. Minister of Environment and Urbanization with the support of the Metropolitan Municipality was allocated to the free of charge. We give the value of the allocation with a great project. Falez junction and Antalyaspor junction between the street that takes you completely under the ground by combining the green field in the back, Atatürk Park in front with a whole are making. We are transforming the 2 acre Nation Garden into a project area of ​​40-300 acre. Our citizens living in the Meltem neighborhood will be able to reach the beach by walking when they leave their homes without any vehicle traffic. Tem

25 kilometers of metro
After the 2019, Menderes Türel stated that they will realize the 25 kilometer metro line in Antalya and said: dan We aim to realize the construction of a public transportation subway from the Great Port to Lara-Kundu after the 2019. We have received the necessary public permits. International finance negotiations continue from one side. As soon as we win the elections, we will immediately begin the construction of a new subway project. While daily life continues in the normal flow above, this underground work will continue even without the news of the city. Günlük

70 thousand people will be in business
Metropolitan Mayor Menderes Türel, 359 project prepared for the next period will provide employment opportunities to approximately 70 thousand people said. President Türel said, iyer We have Cruise Ports and Yacht Harbors among our projects. Particularly, we will turn Antalya into a world of cinema production. In the same Hollywood scene, we will bring to life a great project in Antalya, where there are film studios, theme parks, accommodation facilities, cinema academies, and an open zoo, which we call the safari park right next door. We are planning to make a tender for God willing. When we bring this project to Antalya, we expect only 10 million people to visit it. Here in the project, our 10 bin brother will be the business owner and owner of the project. İşte

Great change
Evaluating his services to Antalya, President Turel, Antalya's first office since the 2004 said that changed a lot. Türel said: isi When we took office at 2004, the Metropolitan Municipality had 2 treatment facilities today. We do not send a millimeter cube of water to the sea in our 32 km coast band. Antalya, 640 World's first blue flag. The cleanliness of the sea is a symbol showing that the environment is regular and controlled. Antalya in the first period of my first time in the history of the first time to introduce the metropolitan intersections with high-rise. We did 200, it couldn't be done in the next period. In this period, along with the intersections with the 11-level bridge junction, we almost made the intersection close to 27. In the first period 50 km rail system work we have completed the first stage. The next 11-2009 could not be done again. We are now adding 2014 to 2014 from 2019 to 44 km. We are doing this in a way that will sign world records. Bunlar

World records in rail system
X We claimed that this was a world record, N said President Türel. We have now completed the first part of the 18 kilometer of the 2 stage between Varsak and Zerdalilik in a short time such as 5.5. This is a new world record, rekor he said.

20 billion investment target
Underlining that the only drug of unemployment is investment, Türel said: “Currently, 1500 people work in our rail system construction. It is not possible to solve dry unemployment. We have the honor of being one of the municipalities that invests most in Turkey. We invested close to 2014 billion pounds between 2019-12. We aim to move this to 20 billion liras in the coming period. Ön

Our report card
In Antalya, 2004 3 in the 9 tourism season, which attracts attention to the 2019'ya attracted attention, said: anlat If you ask how you achieve this, diversifying our product, Antalya, we are doing with investments that will return to a center of attraction. If we had not done projects such as Konyaaltı Beach Antalya Life Park, Boğaçayı, Tünektepe Teleferik, Antalya's charm would be different from today. After XNUMX, our projects like cruise port and yacht harbors that will make Antalya the world champion, will be the world champion, and each of our projects is a business and super project. If you do not make these investments, then you continue to have problems with unemployment. Investment in Turkey as one of the best managed municipalities gonna do what we do in this regard collaterals. If you look at what we do, our Mashallah report card is full of stars. Aş

Passed our competitors
Pointing out that 13.6 million tourists came to Antalya last year, President Türel said, “When I became the first candidate in 2004, we made the claim that we will cross cities such as New York, Barcelona, ​​London, Paris, Miami and Dubai. Today, Antalya is the third in the world with New York, with 13.6 million foreign tourists, following London and Paris. Barcelona, ​​Miami, Dubai are all behind us. So we passed them. Now we are approaching the summit step by step. ”
. We are building attraction centers in the center of Antalya. We've renewed Republic Square. We've broken the old stadium, turning it into a public public garden. In the coming months, we will open a historic necropolis in the city center as a museum. We are making a second Kaleiçi with our urban renewal project. The city center is becoming an incredible attraction. As we make them, the city center is beginning to come with tourists.
Tourists who come to Antalya are very satisfied. Antalya

We are an example city for disabled projects
Stating that they have equipped Antalya with smart city applications, Türel said that Antalya is an exemplary city with its services for disabled people. Türel expressed some of the services that touched on the volunteers: Disabled Home Break we have established as a first in Turkey. While we look at the disabled people in the best way, their families can meet their daily life and social needs. Our disabled beach is appreciated. Award-winning Alzheimer's Patient and Patient Relatives We provide the most beautiful care for the Alzheimer's patient in our facility. We have also become a member of our Bedridden Care Center (Palliative Care Center).

Retired and explaining Turel President attaches great importance to the elderly, 30 metropolitan card that gives discounts on public transport to pensioners with spouses of citizens in one municipality of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality said that the Municipality in Turkey.

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