President Şahin celebrates the New Year of Vatmanlar with radio

president sahin visited the last day of the year samulasi
president sahin visited the last day of the year samulasi

Samsun Metropolitan Mayor Zihni Şahin celebrated the new year of the personnel and gave very important messages in SAMULAŞ, which he visited on the last day of the year.

Samsun Metropolitan Mayor Zihni Şahin visited SAMULAŞ A.Ş. During the visit attended by the Deputy Secretary General of the Metropolitan Municipality, Fikret Vatansever, Mayor Zihni Şahin said, “We make every service for Samsun with our colleagues. Thanks to Samsun, he embraced us. ”


President Zihni Şahin, who made the evaluation of the institution for 1 year together with the member of SAMULAŞ Board of Directors, Kadir Gürkan, said, “We tried to serve our Samsun as much as we can. We were ahead as the mayor, but we did it all together with all our colleagues, whatever was done. We took the idea of ​​everyone and assimilated it and realized the result that will come from there with a common mind. We tried to go over wherever Samsun has a problem. We looked for common solutions. These efforts were appreciated by our people. On this occasion, I would like to thank all our fellow countrymen once again. ”


President Zihni Şahin then distributed his certificates to SAMULAŞ personnel who completed the Occupational Safety and Health Training. Addressing the employees here, Şahin said:

“It is not possible for everything in such a large institution to be four quarters. Of course there will be deficiencies, there will be mistakes. I always advise you, be patient. See what you are doing as your own. Because the positive things you do will reflect on this city positively. Every wrong step you take will harm this city. The main thing is the work done by the municipal employees. Unit heads, department heads, general managers will not see everything. You are the practitioner of the business. You must be sincere and reveal your heart. When you are sincere, even if you make mistakes and harm, you will not be upset.


Many of you have families, children, children. There are single people. You get along with the money you earn here. You need to get a salary from halal. We exist today, tomorrow is busy, but this institution will continue. You are responsible. I suggest you always take care of your responsibilities. ”

President Zihni Şahin recently moved to the Traffic Control Center, where he celebrated the new year of the vatman, who provided public transport on trams. Mayor Şahin told the patrons via radio, “We will enter a new year. I wish Allah Almighty to have many years in health, peace and wellbeing with your families. May Allah grant you trouble-free services ”.

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