President Aksu Announces Dream Tramway Project

President Aksu announces his dream tram project
President Aksu announces his dream tram project

Giresun Mayor Kerim Aksu followed the documentary of ın Giresun'un Kerim, with his friends 10 of the year and the memoirs of his own life.

Kerim Aksu who appeared on the stage with the song sah Samanyolu u, filled the hall; Proj We have a lot of work to do, we have a lot of projects to achieve. Hope arising from Giresun, arising from Thrace, arising from Central Anatolia, arising from the Aegean, Turkey arising from Hope. Hopefully, undaunted, they are proud bored without our children, they will love and a Giresun leave Turkey, "he said.

Following two separate films prepared by President Aksu said; “First of all, thank you to my friends. 10 reminded us of our work during our annual mission. I hope that the 29 October Republic Day in Giresun Municipality Culture and Art Center will be together again. Cultural Center of the ministry is making every province in Turkey, just doing municipalities in Giresun. We have ongoing projects. The new service building of the Machinery Supply Office and our Culture and Art Center, which is auctioned. And I want to tell you about our ropeway project. Permits have been taken, work is in progress. We will build a ropeway from the ships. Towards the end of this month we will put this issue in detail with the public. In February, I will explain all the projects we will do in the new period. There are no neighborhood streets in this city that we didn't touch. Bu

President Aksu pointed out that the ruling party candidate will solve the traffic problem with the project. Olan The highways that will do this. 16 was in power for years. While our power projects are not supported, it has been tried to be cut. Giresunlu does not submit to any pressure. They didn't even give us the way to the municipality. We produced services despite all the barriers, we do not produce excuses. We have no power of power, we have bigger power than that, we have power of love. We didn't deny it. However only the service which came to Giresun was special. Do you have any? In the Special Administration, there is no diesel, they hope they do not have a heavy snow, they can not open the roads of our citizens in the villages. As we promised, we promised to remove our party badge and install our Giresun badge. We have never separated any of our people. We have served the streets to all the neighborhoods. Natural gas came all over the city, all the roads were destroyed. We paid 2 million pounds, we spent at least 50 million pounds. If there was no additional burden on natural gas, we would have completed many projects. After the last 10 year, you will see very serious investments in the next 5 year in this city. I had a dream, I'm going to do it in the next period. Urban tram system walking and cycling path. I want to do them in the coming period, Ön he said.

President Kerim Aksu continued his speech; “I will save the people of Giresun from Toki's scheme. TOKİ has become a contractor, it works outside of its founding purpose. I want to make our people who are not in good economic condition homeowners. Our municipality will build its own houses and donate these houses to the needy at a cost. kazanwill yell. We will start this project from Yeniyol Hopcuk location.

They criticized me because it was the man who took the job, I didn't ask which party to anybody I really got the ones who needed work. I wish they had a job for the children of this city, and no one left our province. There are upcoming elections ahead, I call all the Giresunlulara from here; “I have no worries for my upcoming choice. The people know what we are doing. If you get into people, you'il understand that very well. The economic crisis in the country is deeply affecting our people. Hope will start from Giresun, will start from Edirne to Kars, hope arising from Thrace, arising from Central Anatolia, arising from the Aegean, the prospects arising from Turkey. This interest is the time to get rid of this lack of order. Giresun our children will be proud, proud of their leave Turkey. We have a lot of work to do. I love you. We'll work hard and we'll do it together. Çok

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