Minister Turhan Visited BAKAD Project's Construction Site

Minister Turhan visited the center of the project
Minister Turhan visited the center of the project

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Mehmet Cahit Turhan said that he believes that Turkish construction companies Makyol and Alsim-Alarko, who undertake the construction of the Large Almaty Ring Road Project (BAKAD) in Kazakhstan, will complete the project as soon as possible.

Minister Turhan visited the construction site of the BAKAD project undertaken by Turkish construction companies Makyol and Alsim-Alarko with the Korean company in Almaty on the first day of his visit to Kazakhstan, and met with the general managers and representatives of the companies. Turkey's Ambassador to Astana was also present at the meeting Nevzat awake.

Turhan, who received information from the company representatives about the project, stated that the cost of the BAKAD project is approximately 480 million dollars, 40 percent of the project cost is provided by Alsim-Alarko and the other part is provided by international creditors.

Project shares, Alsim-Alarko percent 30, Makyol and 30 percent 40 X is shared as a record Turhan, 66 kilometer road construction time was 50 months.

Turhan said, “When the road is completed, the settlements outside Almaty will be connected to each other with more comfortable, safe and fast transportation. There are 7 junctions and 13 overpasses on the road. During the construction period, the works to establish a construction site that will provide employment for 3 thousand people continue. ” said.

Als-Alarko and in Almaty of Turkey's leading construction companies such as Makyol as BAKAD Turhan voicing welcomed the undertaking of large projects, "I have this strong, experienced in infrastructure projects and successful Turkish companies believe they deliver their project service completed as soon as possible." he spoke.

He hoped the project would be beneficial to all parties and to the citizens of Kazakhstan.

BAKAD project

Alsim-Alarko, Makyol and SK companies, which undertook the BAKAD project, which was launched as a pilot project within the framework of the cooperation agreement signed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development with the International Finance Corporation in 2012, signed a consortium agreement on July 15 last year.

The groundbreaking ceremony of the project took place in May last year in Panfilov village, 30 kilometer from Almaty. Within the framework of the project, it is expected that 66 striped road will be built on the 6 kilometer. The cost of the project is 480 million dollars. 4,5 is planned to be completed within the year.

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