Kocaeli Snow Teams 225 Intervenes on Vehicles

Kocaine's snowmobiles take the road with the 225
Kocaine's snowmobiles take the road with the 225

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Snow Teams are struggling with the snow in order to keep the roads open and to prevent possible problems in the high areas. 550 personnel and teams of 225 vehicles keep the paths open by intervening immediately to the snowfall, which affects the high levels. While snowfall is expected to be a heavy snowfall over the weekend, snowmobiles are ready for salting and shoveling in the Umuttepe region. Some of the teams working in the Kartepe region continue to work at intervals according to the snowfall.

The effect of snowfall in our country, Kocaeli, especially in the high places of the city and villages are effective. Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Snow Fighting Teams also continue to work on snow shoveling and salting in order not to close roads, to prevent slippage and icing on roads. 25 thousand tons of salt are kept at the ready for use in the Metropolitan Municipality salt storage sites.

In Kocaeli, there are teams at salt storage sites such as Kocaeli University Umuttepe Campus, Kandıra Sarıhocalar, Kartepe Hotel Road, Başiskele Dam Road, Derince İshakçılar, Dilovası Çerkeşli and Gebze Pelitli. The teams are ready to fight the snow in the Yuvacık Resurrection Camp Road, Umuttepe Campus, Kartepe Hotel Road, Başiskele Dam Road, Derince İshakçılar, Dilovası Çerkeşli, Gebze Pelitli and the quarters of the city.

Transportation Department teams, salt, solution and snow grooming tools to prevent icing is ready. In heavy snowfall, the park, the garden and the green areas, the fire department, the teams under the Directorate of Municipal Police, provides support for the opening of the road to the teams of combat. The teams continue to work day and night to keep the roads open.

The high main artery and intermediate arteries located in the districts are deployed in the teams, the roads are opened in a short time to staff 550 staff. 225 units, 3 track snow plows, 31 track snow plows, 6 track rollers, 23 track track scrapers, loaders, 22 track rollers, 11 track excavators, 15 track snowmobiles, 6 track snowmobiles, 3 track trucks, 3 pieces of bobcat, 3 pieces of tractors, 1 pieces dozer, 2 pieces of crawler loaders, 15 pieces grinders, 1 pieces cranes, 13 pieces turntable, 5 pieces fuel tank, 34 pieces snow blade tractors and other vehicles) are used in the fight against snow. In case of need to fight with snow, the vehicles of other metropolitan municipality units also participate.

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